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Publication List Using "epidemiology"

  HIV - HIV/AIDS Annual Reports
(Health) Statistical report on HIV and AIDS in Saskatchewan, with analysis of age, sex, ethnicity and self-identified behaviours.
  OC 97/2011 - Memorandum of Understanding – HIV Epidemiologist Biostatistician Position (September 5, 2011) (Minister of Health/Minister of Finance)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  Vaccination and the Law: Consultation Paper (2009)
(Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan) This Consultation Paper looks at four major legal issues relevant to vaccination: compensation for vaccination injury, mandatory vaccination, informed consent and refusal, and reporting of adverse effects.
  Vaccination and the Law: Report to the Minister of Justice (2009)
(Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan) This Report considers,and provides recommendations on, the legal issues surrounding the sustainability of vaccination programs and the safety of immunizations.