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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Form List Using "agricultural technology"

  Agricultural Implement Distributor Registration Application/Renewal
(Agriculture) This form is used to collect registration information for the Act administered by the Agricultural Implements Board. Agricultural Implement Distributors in Saskatchewan are required to be registered to operate their Implement distribution business.
  Agricultural Implement Dealer License Application
(Agriculture) Agricultural Implement Dealers in Saskatchewan are required to be licenced annually under the provision of the Agricultural Implements Act.
  Agricultural Implements Compensation Claim
(Agriculture) Farmers who feel they have incurred a loss due to an unreasonable delay in the availability of a repair or who consider they have incurred a loss due to the dealer or the distributor not fulfilling the condition or warranties as set out in the Agricultural Implements Act or in a conditional sales contract, may apply to the Ag Implements Board for compensation.