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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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  Digital Formation Brine Data Set
(Energy and Resources) Chemical analyses data from formation waters sampled by drill stem tests, perforations, separations, mud pits, etc. Over 14,000 analyses: sample location, DST number, values. (Lab procedures used and sample preparation described in Open File 92-1).; Values for: sp. gr., pH, resistivity, total dissolved solids, Na, Na+K, K, Ca, Mg, HCO3, SO4, and Cl. Full set $ 1,600.00. Individual NTS area - $0.50 per analyses. contact:(306)787-2562
  Misc. Rept. 2003-7: Geology, and Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Sask. Geol. Survey Staff. 182 (173 + viii) pages. This report supercedes Miscellaneous Report 94-6 'Geology and Mineral Resources of Saskatchewan'. This report contains a review of the history of mineral (including diamonds and petroleum and natural gas) exploration and development in Saskatchewan.