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  Assessing the Viability of an Ethanol Industry in Saskatchewan
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) This paper explores five key questions that require attention in the determination of the viability of an ethanol industry for a small jurisdiction with a small local ethanol demand. As a case study, this paper examines the province of Saskatchewan, which is currently encouraging a large scale ethanol industry expansion.
  Associated Gas Royalty/Tax Regime Implementation
(Energy and Resources) 2007-07-31: Associated Gas Royalty/Tax Regime Implementation June 10, 2004 notice to all oil and gas operators regarding forthcoming administrative procedures required for full implementation of the "fourth tier gas" royalty/tax regime for associated gas. 2004.
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  Changes to Saskatchewan's Oil and Gas Royalty/Tax Regime and Capital Tax Surcharge for New Activity
(Energy and Resources) 2002-10-01: This document summarizes the changes to Saskatchewan's Oil and Gas Royalty/Tax Regime, effective October 1, 2002.
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  Hydrocarbon Play Ranking and Production Trends in Southern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Chao Yang. Part of the Summary volume 2008-4.1
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  Misc. Rept. 2003-7: Geology, and Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Sask. Geol. Survey Staff. 182 (173 + viii) pages. This report supercedes Miscellaneous Report 94-6 'Geology and Mineral Resources of Saskatchewan'. This report contains a review of the history of mineral (including diamonds and petroleum and natural gas) exploration and development in Saskatchewan.
  Misc. Rept. 90-6: Catalogue of Structure Test Hole Locations
(Energy and Resources) R. Troyer, 237 pages. Contains name, location, drilling date, total depth, ground elevation and co-ordinates for all of the non-confidential structure test holes drilled in the province. Wells are listed in location order; 1990.
  Misc. Rept. 95-7: Heavy Oil in Saskatchewan: Building on Strengths
(Energy and Resources) Saskatchewan Energy & Mines, Saskatchewan Geological Survey. 88 pages, 1 Stratigraphic Chart; 1994.
  Misc. Rept. 95-9: Opportunities to Enhance Saskatchewan's Oil Industry Through Research, Developement and Demonstration
(Energy and Resources) Saskatchewan Energy and Mines, Saskatchewan Geological Survey. 71 pages; 1994
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  Petroleum Drilling and Well Servicing Contractors
(Finance) PST Bulletin 13: Petroleum Drilling and Well Servicing Contractors
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