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Document List Using "mesozoic"

  Diagenesis of Mississippian Alida Beds, Williston Basin, Southeastern Saskatchewan - Evidence from Petrographic and Fluid-Inclusion Data
(Energy and Resources) Rott, C.M.; Qing, H. 17 pages no maps. Part of Summary of Investigations volume 2005-4.1; 2005.
  Geological Mapping of Mesozoic Strata in Southeastern Saskatchewan, Northwestern North Dakota, and Northeastern Montana, and Regional Effects of Deformation by Glacial-ice Loading
(Energy and Resources) Christopher, J.E., Yurkowski, M. 20 pages; Part of Summary of Investigations volume 2004-4.1; 2004.
  The Early Mesozoic History of the Punnichy Arch, Southeastern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Christopher,J.E. Part of the Summary volume.; 2000