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  3 Glaciofluvial corridors and reconnaissance-scale KIM sampling, southern Reindeer Lake
(Energy and Resources) Michelle Hanson
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  A-05 Ice-flow Indicator Mapping and Preliminary Ice-flow History, Southern Reindeer Lake (NTS 64D/10 and /11, with Parts of 64D/06 and /09)
(Energy and Resources) M.A. Hanson - Summary of collected ice-flow indicator data and ice flow patterns for the southern Reindeer Lake area, with preliminary interpretation of the relative ice-flow history of the area
  A-10 South Reindeer Lake Quaternary Project: Glaciofluvial Corridors and Reconnaissance-scale Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Sampling (NTS 64D/10, with Parts of 64D/07, /08, /09 and /11)
(Energy and Resources) M.A. Hanson - Description of glaciofluvial corridors in the area of southern Reindeer Lake, and the glacial sediments within and near the corridors, and discussion of sampling for kimberlite indicator minerals
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  Geological Report 21: Glacial Geology of the Moose Mountain Area, Saskatchewan by E.A. Christiansen - 1956
(Energy and Resources) Christiansen,E.A. 35 pages, 1 table, 6 plates, 8 figures. Glacial geology map, 1:316,800, in pocket.; 1956
  Geological Report 221: Quaternary Geology of the Precambrian Shield, Saskatchewan by B.T. Schreiner - 1984
(Energy and Resources) Schreiner,B.T. (109 + xii) pages, 4 tables, 40 figures, 77 plates. Geological Map 221A, 1:1,000,000 scale, in pocket.; 1984
  Geological Report 147: The Geology of the Wapawekka Area, Saskatchewan by Fred F. Langford - 1973
(Energy and Resources) Langford,F.F. 36 pages, 16 plates, 3 figures. Geological Map 147A, 1:250,000, in pocket.; 1973
  Geological Report 32: Glacial Geology of the Swift Current Area, Saskatchewan by E.A. Christiansen - 1959
(Energy and Resources) Christiansen,E.A. 62 pages, 4 tables, 10 plates, 20 figures. Glacial geology map, 1:253,440, in pocket.; 1959
  Geological Report 67: Recession of Wisconsinan Glacier from Central Saskatchewan by F.H. Edmunds - 1962
(Energy and Resources) Edmunds,F.H. 23 pages, 3 tables, 9 figures.; 1962
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  Misc. Rept. 2005-8: Geoscape Northern Saskatchewan Poster
(Energy and Resources) Ashton, K.E.; Campbell, J.E., Card, C.; Corrigan, D.; Dale, J.; Delaney, G.D.; Douma, S.; Harper, C.; MacDougall, D.G.; Maxeiner, R.O.; D.G.; Rogers, M.; Slimmon, W.L.; Viver, D.. A colour poster which educates the viewer on jobs in mining, the Athabasca Basin, glaciation and glacial features, waterways, meteorite impact structures, environmental stewardship, rock and mineral riches, mining, and the subsurface geology of northern Saskatchewan. 2005.
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  Reconnaissance Quaternary Geology : Areas 74B, 74F and 74G
(Energy and Resources) Schreiner,B.T. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1977
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