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  Agriculture History: History of the Prairie West volume 3
(University of Regina Press) The eighteen articles selected for this third volume all focus on the agricultural history of the Canadian Plains. Early First Nations practices are examined, as are subsequent evolutions in farming, ranching, and marketing.
  Alberta Premiers of the Twentieth Century
(University of Regina Press) This is a collection of biographical essays on the twelve premiers who led the province of Alberta during the twentieth century
  Askel Sanemose and Canada: A Scandinavian Writer's Perception of the Canadian Prairies in the 1920's
(University of Regina Press) In 1927 Sandemose made a trip to western Canada, sponsored in part by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The idea was that he would write about conditions inthe Danish settlements there and consider the advantages of immigrating to the country.
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  Business and Industry
(University of Regina Press) This fourth volume in the History of the Prairie West Series contains fifteen articles examining the rich history of business and early industry in Canada’s Prairie Provinces prior to the Great Depression.
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  Canada's Wheat King: The Life and Times of Seager Wheeler
(University of Regina Press) Seager Wheeler was North America's most celebrated wheat developer, whose varieties in the 1920's made up 40 percent of the world's wheat exports, and contributed wealth to most facets of the Canadian economy.
  Canoeing the Churchill: A Practical Guide to the Historic Voyageur Highway
(University of Regina Press) Updated and now back in print, this cherished classic is an invaluable resource for paddlers preparing to face the challenges of Canada's old fur trade highway while offering an exhilarating trek into the past for the armchair voyageur.
  Clearing the Plains
(University of Regina Press) In arresting, but harrowing, prose, James Daschuk examines the roles that Old World diseases, climate, and, most disturbingly, Canadian politics—the politics of ethnocide—played in the deaths and subjugation of thousands of aboriginal people in the realization of Sir John A. Macdonald’s “National Dream.”
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  Dead Ends - BC Crime Stories
(University of Regina Press) Forty crimes that shed light on our shared past, and our lives today. Award-winning writer Paul Willcocks takes a sharp, fresh look at legendary crimes and criminals and the way they reflect our history. Murderers and scam artists. Masterminds and bunglers. The infamous and the forgotten. Dead Ends looks at them all.
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  Frontier Farewell (New Edition)
(University of Regina Press) "Frontier Farewell offers new perspectives on everything from the transfer of Rupert's Land to Canada, the Manitoba Resistance of 1869-70, and the Numbered Treaties of the 1870s, to the surveys of the Canadian Prairies, the coming of the North-West Mounted Police, and the fallout from the Battle of the Little Big Horn
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  Immigration and Settlement, 1870-1939
(University of Regina Press) Immigration and Settlement, 1870-1939 is the second volume in the new “History of the Prairie West Series” launched by the Canadian Plains Research Center. It includes chapters on early immigration patterns including transportation routes and ethnic blocks as well as the policy of containing First Nations on reserves. Other chapters grapple with the various identities, preferences and prejudices of settlers and their complex relationships with each other as well as the larger polity.
  In the Temple of the Rain God: The Life and Times of
(University of Regina Press) Much of Charles' story is told in his own words with unusual authenticity and colour. Through his close association with Victoria Trust & Savings Company, the rise, fall and recovery of Saskatchewan's agricultural sector is seen through the vantage point of an Ontario based farm lender.
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  Northern Trader: The Last Days of the Fur Trade
(University of Regina Press) First published in 1956, Northern Trader is a historically valuable, intimately personal and vividly expressed memoir of the last days of the fur trade. A gifted writer, Harold Kemp recounts the routines and rhythms of that long-lost way of life.
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  On the Frontier
(University of Regina Press) First published more than twenty years ago as My Dear Maggie, this new edition of William Wallace's letters home to England provides rare documentation of the earliest days of settlement in the West. The correspondence conveys a sense of unspoken courage--the courage that was needed to make a fresh start in a strange new land.
  Other Alberta: Decoding A Political Enigma
(University of Regina Press) A provocative political analysis of modern day Alberta
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  People of the Plains
(University of Regina Press) Amelia M. Paget records her observations of the customs, beliefs, and lifestyles of the Plains Cree and Saulteaux among whom she lived. She died in Ottawa in 1922.
  Practical Utopians: The Lives and Writings of Ed and Will Paynter
(University of Regina Press) Ed and Will Paynter have been described as visionaries. Coming to adulthood at the turbulent end of the Victorian age, they were Canadians who had a different vision from the majority of their contemporaries. Instead of a liberal world of economic individualism, or a Darwinian struggle for economic existence, they saw a New Jerusalem, a utopia characterized by cooperation rather than competition.
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  Saskatchewan Politicians: Lives Past and Present
(University of Regina Press) More than 275 biographies of Saskatchewan politicians.
  Storm of the Century: The Regina Tornado of 1912
(University of Regina Press) In Storm of the Century, author Sandra Bingaman recounts one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history—the rare F4 tornado that obliterated a broad swath of Regina, Saskatchewan, 100 years ago.
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  The Early Northwest
(University of Regina Press) The Early Northwest has articles on "Early Aboriginal History", "The Fur Trade", "Rupert's Land and Red River", and "Resistance and 'Rebellion'".
  The Identities of Marie Rose Delorme Smith
(University of Regina Press) This book relates the history and self-identifying process of a Métis woman who lived on the western plains of Canada during the transitional period from fur trade to sedentary agricultural economy.
  The Identities of Marie Rose Delorme Smith
(University of Regina Press) This book relates the history and self-identifying process of a Métis woman who lived on the western plains of Canada during the transitional period from fur trade to sedentary agricultural economy.
  The Prairie Agrarian Movement Revisited
(University of Regina Press) Eighteen essays honouring the 100th anniversary (in 2001) of the formation of the Territorial Grain Growers Association explore important aspects of the historical legacy of the agrarian movement and contemplate their relevance to the current setting for the rural prairies.
  Thugs,Thieves and Outlaws: Alberta Crime Stories
(University of Regina Press) Chronicled in these pages are many of the Alberta’s most notorious killers and outlaws from the past century: train robbers, a homicidal hired hand, prisoners of war, cannibals, kidnappers, and more. Witness the moment when Peter Pocklington has a .357 magnum held to his head. Be there when Wiebo Ludwig “terrorizes” northwestern Alberta… when a Lethbridge city councillor fabricates a story of being stalked, drugged, abducted and sexually assaulted… when four RCMP officers are gunned down at Mayerthorpe.
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  Women's Organizations in Saskatchewan
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Report prepared for the ministry by Dr. A. Leger-Anderson. Sections include: The First Women's Organizations; Woman's Christian Temperance Union; Local and Provincial Councils of Women; Young Women's Christian Association; Homemakers' Clubs/Women's Institute of Saskatchewan; Women Grain Growers; Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire; Suggested Sites for Recognition of Women's Contributions.
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  Your Loving Son: Letters of an RCAF Navigator
(University of Regina Press) Your Loving Son: Letters of an RCAF Navigator is a collection of George King's wartime letters to his family in Summerberry, Saskatchewan. These letters—humorous, heartwarming, poignant—offer a glimpse of the war and of Prairie life from the perspective of one young man who journeyed far from home to serve his country. Your Loving Son also includes the telegrams, government documents, and letters of condolence received by the King family after George's death. These provide a rare insight into the impact of the death of this young airman on his friends and family, the other and often forgotten casualties of war.
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