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Publication List Using "cenozoic"

  Diagenesis of Mississippian Alida Beds, Williston Basin, Southeastern Saskatchewan - Evidence from Petrographic and Fluid-Inclusion Data
(Energy and Resources) Rott, C.M.; Qing, H. 17 pages no maps. Part of Summary of Investigations volume 2005-4.1; 2005.
  Geological Report 3: The Geology of the Windrum Lake Area (Maribelli Lake, East Half), Saskatchewan by M.L. Miller - 1949
(Energy and Resources) Miller,M.L. 24 pages, 8 figures. Geological Map 3A, 1:63,360, in pocket.; 1949
  Open File 82-5: Coal Resources of Southern Saskatchewan. Catalogue of Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic Formation and Coal Seam Boundaries
(Energy and Resources) Broughton,P.L. The Provincial Open File comprises 6 microfiche cards containing detailed tabulations of borehole locations, surface elevations. Tertiary coal zone and seam elevations, thicknesses and depths and the elevations of Upper Cretaceous Formations wherever applicable.; Approximately 1,200 borehole entries are represented from the region of Southern Saskatchewan underlain by the Tertiary Ravenscrag Formation. See also Report 209 which this Open File complements.; 1982