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  Geological Report 149: The Geology of the May Lake Area (Northwest Quarter), Saskatchewan by W.G.Q. Johnston - 1973
(Energy and Resources) Johnston,W.G.Q. 43 pages, 19 tables, 9 plates, 15 figures. Geological Map 149A, 1:63,360; (on transparent paper overlays) 149B Glacial Geology, 149C Structural Geology, (geochemical soil samples), 149D cobalt, 149E nickel, 149F copper, 149G zinc, 149H lead, 149J sample.; Locations and composite analyses in pocket.; 1973
  Geological Report 14: Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Amisk-Wildnest Lakes Areas by A.R. Byers & C.D.A. Dahlstrom - 1954
(Energy and Resources) Byers,A.R.;Dahlstrom,C.D.A. 174 pages, 1 table, 10 plates, 14 figures. Geological Maps 14A and 14B, 1:63,360, and Structural Map 14C, 1:126,720, in pocket.; (Second printing 1989); 1954
  Geological Report 153: The Geology of the Milton Island Area (West Half), Saskatchewan by T.I.I. Sibbald - 1977
(Energy and Resources) Sibbald,T.I.I. 38 pages, 2 tables, 24 plates, 5 figures. Geological Map 153A, 1:63,360, in pocket.; 1977
  Geological Report 36: Mineral Occurrences in the Precambrian of Northern Saskatchewan (Excluding Radioactive Minerals) by L.S. Beck - 1959
(Energy and Resources) Beck,L.S. 134 pages, 20 figures. Map 1: Mineral Occurrences in Northern Saskatchewan, 1:1,267,200; and Map 2: Mineral Occurrences in the Amisk-Hanson Lakes Area, 1:158,400, in pocket.; 1959
  Guidelines for Managing Asbestos in Buildings
(Workers' Compensation Board) This guide outlines what actions are required and recommended when asbestos is present in a buildings. It also provides the requirements of the Saskatchewan Asbestos Registry of Public Buildings.
  OC 118/2015 - Establishment of the Asbestos Advisory Committee – Forum for Asbestos-Related Health and Safety Issues (Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  OC 93/2014 - The Asbestos Registry for Public Buildings Regulations (Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  OC 94/2014 - The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Regulations, 2014 (Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  P-37.1 Reg 16 - The Asbestos Registry for Public Buildings Regulations
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Public Health Act, 1994
  Revision Bedrock Geology, Comeback Bay, Amisk Lake (Parts of NTS 63L-9,-16): Sheet 1 East
(Energy and Resources) Slimmon,W.L. Preliminary geology map. Scale: 1:12,500 scale. Sheet 1 East; 1993