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Publication List Using "apatite"

  Clay Oncoids and Crypto-microbial Laminites from the Late Paleoproterozoic Manitou Falls Formation, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Bernier,S.;Hunt,P.;Jefferson,C.W.;Percival,J.B.;Yeo,G.M. Part of the Summary volume.; 2002
  Clues to the Origin, Tectonics, and Hydrocarbon Generation History of the Williston Basin from Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology
(Energy and Resources) Feinstein,S.;Kohn,B.P.;Osadetz,K.G.;O'Sullivan,P.B. Part of the Summary volume.; 2000
  Geology of the Hoidas Lake Area, Ena Domain, Northwestern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Billingsley,G.;Harvey,S.E.;Young,I. Part of the Summary volume.; 2002
  New U-Pb Zircon Age Dates from the Tazin Lake Map Area (NTS 74N)
(Energy and Resources) K.E. Ashton, C.D. Card, W. Davis, and L.M. Heaman. 8 page Summary report paper; Part of the Summary volume 2007-4.2
  Open File 2004-2: Transects Across the Black Bay Shear Zone and Hoidas-Nisikkatch Rare-element Trend, Northwest Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Gunning, M.H., and Card, C.D. 47 page report (including 26 figures) and 3 Excel files; 2004