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Publication List Using "albian"

  Chemostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Albian-Turonian (Cretaceous) Portions of the Crooked River SK-16B-93-1 Core, East-central Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Ludvigson,G.A.;Ravn,R.;White,T.S.;Witzke,B.J. Part of the Summary volume.; 1999
  Cretaceous Stratigraphy in Four Cores from the Vicinity of the Fort-a-la-Corne Kimberlite Field, East-central Saskatchewan-Preliminary Results
(Energy and Resources) Gilboy,C.F.;McNeil,D.H. Part of the Summary volume.; 2000
  Foraminiferal Evidence of the Early Albian Moosebar/Clearwater Seaway in Mannville Group Strata, Fort A La Corne Kimberlite Field, East-central Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) McNeil, D.H., Zoenneveld, J.P. 9 pages; Part of Summary of Investigations volume 2004-4.1; 2004.
  Geological Report 65: The Viking Formation in Southwestern Saskatchewan by H. Llewelyn - 1961
(Energy and Resources) Jones,H.L. 79 pages, 11 plates, 22 figures (19 in pocket).; 1961
  Stratigraphic Framework of Cretaceous Diamond-bearing Kimberlites, East Central Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Harvey,S.E.;Kjarsgaard,B.A.;McNeil,D.H.;Zonneveld,J-P Abstract only.; Part of the Summary volume.; 2001
  Stratigraphy and Petrography of Viking Sandstones in the Bayhurst Area, Southwestern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Walz, C.A.; Pedersen, P.K., Chi, G. 17 pages no maps - Part of Summary of Investigations volume 2005-4.1; 2005.
  The Paleoclimatological Significance of Albian (mid-Cretaceous) Sphaerosiderites from Eastern Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba
(Energy and Resources) Brenner,R.L.;Gonzalez,L.;Ludvigson,G.A.;Ravn,R.;White,T.S.;Witzke,B.J. Part of the Summary volume.; 2000