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Document List Using "health care coverage"

  Benefit Booklet - It's For Your Benefit
(Health) A guide to health coverage in Saskatchewan.
  Chiropractors' Payment Schedules
(Health) Current and previous versions of the payment schedule detailing services and the billable amounts.
  Covered Population (Saskatchewan Health)
(Health) This report, published annually by Saskatchewan Health, is a count of all persons who held Saskatchewan health coverage on June 30th. The Covered Population report is not a census since it only counts persons who are registered for provincial health coverage and not every person who may have been a resident in Saskatchewan on June 30th.
  Dental Payment Schedules
(Health) Saskatchewan Health payment schedule for insured services provided by a dentist or a dentist holding a specialist licence.
  Health Spending in Saskatchewan: Recent Trends, Future Options
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) In our world of defined resources, and competing social needs, what is the best approach to financing an expensive – and increasingly costly – health care system? Mr. Daniel Hickey in his timely, thought-provoking study on health care in Saskatchewan examines this question through the two related issues of health expenditure trends and financing options.
  Optometrists' Payment Schedules
(Health) Saskatchewan Health payment schedule for insured services provided by an optometrist.
  Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living
(Health) Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) provides assistance to people with physical disabilities to live a more active and independent lifestyle. It also helps people in the management of certain chronic health conditions.
  Saskatchewan Drug Formulary
(Health) The Saskatchewan Formulary lists the drugs, which are covered by the Drug Plan. A prescription is required for all drugs dispensed under the Drug Plan with the exception of insulin, blood-testing agents, urine-testing agents, syringes, needles, lancets and swabs used by diabetic patients.