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Legislation List Using "municipalities"

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  2003 Big River (RM No. 555) - Bylaw
(Big River (RM No. 555)) BYLAW 3/30 to regulate burning within any residential subdivision within the Rural Municipality of Big River, No. 555.
  2006 Eagle Creek (RM No. 376) - Bylaw
(Eagle Creek (RM No. 376)) Bylaw 21/2006 to regulate the speed of motor vehicles
  2006 Marsden (Village of) - Bylaw
(Marsden (Village of)) Bylaw 2006-1 to Address Air Quality and to Regulate the Burning of Refuse, the Operation of Fuel Burning Equipment and Backyard Fire Pits
  2006 Swift Current (RM No. 137) - Bylaw
(Swift Current (RM No. 137)) Bylaw 04-2005 A Bylaw to regulate the speed of motor vehicles
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  Historical - Chapter R-26.1 - The Rural Municipality Act, 1989
(Publications Saskatchewan) Point in time 1989-90 CHAPTER R-26.1
An Act respecting Rural Municipalities
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  M-23.2 Reg 5 - The Saskatchewan Municipal Board Member Qualification Regulations, 2003
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Municipal Board Act
  M-28.1 Reg 1 - The Municipal Grants Regulations
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Municipal Grants Act
  M-36.1 Reg 1 - The Municipalities Regulations
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Municipalities Act
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  N-5.2 Reg 1 - The Northern Municipalities Regulations
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Northern Municipalities Act, 2010
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  P-13.2 - The Planning and Development Act, 2007
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting Planning and Development in Municipalities
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  R.S.S. 1930, Chapter 127 (1931-02-01) - The Municipalities Fence Aid Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) HISTORICAL CHAPTER 127 An Act to enable Municipalities to supply Material for Fencing Purposes
  R.S.S. 1940, Chapter 145 (1941-02-01) - The Municipal Debentures Repayment Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) HISTORICAL CHAPTER 145 An Act respecting the Repayment Terms of Municipal Debentures
  R.S.S. 1978, Chapter C-33 (1979-02-26) - The Controverted Municipal Elections Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) CHAPTER C-33 An Act respecting the Punishment of Corrupt Practices at Municipal Elections and the Trial of Controverted Municipal Elections
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  The Lloydminster Municipal Amalgamation Act, 1930
(Publications Saskatchewan) 1930 CHAPTER 94 - An Act respecting the Amalgamation of Lloydminster
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  U-11 - The Urban Municipality Act, 1984
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting Urban Municipalities
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  V-6 - The Veterinary Services Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting Veterinary Services in Rural Areas
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