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Monday, March 25, 2019
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Publication List Using "social history"

  I Could Not Speak My Heart: Education and Social Justice For Gay Lesbian Youth
(University of Regina Press) It is the intention of the editors that this book be used by educators in many fields so that students preparing for professions in education, social work, human justice, or in health and environmental studies will better understand the need to combat homophobia and to embrace and celebrate sexual differences.
  Otto and Daria
(University of Regina Press) A poignant memoir of lives cleaved by war, Otto and Daria is the first-hand account of Eric Koch, a man who once was called Otto. As a Jewish refugee from WWII Germany, Otto first left his country for England, and later arrived in Canada, where he was for a time imprisoned in a camp.
  Privilege & Policy: A History of Community Clinics in Saskatchewan
(University of Regina Press) Privilege and Policy: A History of Community Clinics in Saskatchewan is the inside story of a more radical vision of medicare, one that has still not been achieved in Canada.
  The Education of Augie Merasty
(University of Regina Press) This memoir offers a courageous and intimate chronicle of life in a residential school.