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  Cytotoxic Drugs
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) This guide explains the employers’ duties for protecting health care facility workers from exposure to cytotoxic drugs. Worker exposures could occur at hospitals, special care and personal care homes, cancer and other medical clinics, and home care situations.
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  E-6.3 - The Electrical Inspection Act, 1993
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting the Inspection of Electrical Equipment, Installations and Materials
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  Hot Conditions Guidelines
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) This information bulletin outlines the employer's responsibility to control hot conditions at their indoor place of employment helping prevent heat stress disorders.
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  Indoor Air Quality Guide
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) This guide assists workplaces with investigating and resolving common indoor air quality concerns. It is intended for workplaces such as offices, schools and retail outlets. It is not intended for home-based businesses, manufacturing or other industrial workplaces.
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  Motor Carrier Safety Fitness Certificate Regulations/Règlement sur les certificats d’aptitude à la sécurité des transporteurs routiers
(Publications Saskatchewan) M-12.01, SOR/2005-180 under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act/Loi sur les transports routiers (M-12.01) - Consolidated Regulations of Canada Registration SOR/2005-180, June 7, 2005/Enregistrement DORS/2005-180, Le 7 juin 2005
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  OC 477/2018 - The Automobile Accident Insurance (General) (Safety Rating Appeals and Cannabis) Amendment Regulations, 2018 (Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
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  T-18.1 - The Traffic Safety Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting Traffic Safety, Vehicles and Drivers, Owners and Operators of Vehicles and making consequential amendments to other Acts
  The Spanish Influenza and Canada's Criminal Justice System: Lessons for Pandemic Planners (Vol. II)
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) In his two-volume paper “The Spanish Influenza and Canada’s Criminal Justice System: Lessons for Pandemic Planners,” Mr. Fred Burch examines the question, “What can we learn by reviewing the impact of an extreme early twentieth century event on an antiquated criminal justice system in a country still in its infancy?” The answer to this question may provide valuable insight into how the impact of a virulent disease outbreak in Canada could be reduced in the 21st century.
(Executive Council) Feb. 22, 2012 - Artistic Masonry & Stucco Ltd. of Regina has pleaded guilty to two charges under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act and was fined $2,440 in Regina Provincial Court.
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  Violence: A Guide to Developing a Violence Policy Statement
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) This guide will help employers and workers to develop and implement a violence policy and prevention program for their workplace. The guide provides two samples of a violence policy.
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  Working Under Hot Conditions Guide
(Labour Relations and Workplace Safety) This guide provides information to employers and workers on how to control hot conditions and prevent heat stress disorders in the workplace.
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