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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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  Alberta Premiers of the Twentieth Century
(University of Regina Press) This is a collection of biographical essays on the twelve premiers who led the province of Alberta during the twentieth century
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  Cloud-Capped Towers
(University of Regina Press) Arranged alphabetically, Cloud-Capped Towers can be explored for brief histories, interviews with intentional communitarians, and notes on utopianism in Saskatchewan literature.
  Constitutionalizing and Legislating Parity Democracy: The Cases of France and Belgium
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) This paper examines how and why France and Belgium came to modify their respective constitutions and pass parity laws.
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  Free Knowledge: Confronting the Commodification of Human Discovery
(University of Regina Press) Alarms are being sounded around the globe over the increasing commercialization of public knowledge for private profit. Whether you are a farmer, a university student, a medical patient, or a library user,these developments impact your daily life. Knowledge privatization holds growing sway over the choice of the foods you eat, the medicine you take, the software you use, the music you hear, and even the flowers you plant in your own backyard. This is the result of a world where plant seeds have become subject to patents, medical research is overseen by pharmaceutical giants,universities are beholden to corporate funders, and indigenous knowledge is expropriated.
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  Media and Politics
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) “Media and Politics”, the newest publication in SIPP’s Briefing Note series, explores the relationship between media and politics: the influence of politics on the news media and the influence of the media on the nation’s political life.
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  Other Alberta: Decoding A Political Enigma
(University of Regina Press) A provocative political analysis of modern day Alberta
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  Policy Dialogue - Issue 14
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) Articles in this issue include "You say nation, we say NATION: Questions with Dr. Antonia Maioni"; "The Constitution after 25 Years"; "Media Representation of Crime Statistics: Pt. II - For the Common Good"; "The Harper Government at One"; and more.
  Potash: An Inside Account of Saskatchewan's Gold
(University of Regina Press) In Saskatchewan, politics and potash are continuously, inextricably intertwined. The province is the largest single producer of potash on earth, accounting for about a quarter of the world’s total production. The industry has played a significant role in the provincial economy for over 40 years and continues to contribute to Saskatchewan’s growth. Recoverable reserves of potash are well over 100 billion tons. With global markets currently in upheaval, Potash explores the interface between politics and the industry, the question of returns to the people of the province, and considers new developments that portend changes to the existing state of affairs. Written by an insider who helped nationalize the industry in the 1970s, John Burton expertly integrates behind-the-scenes accounts of the major players, archival material, and interview sources to produce a book that “cuts through the bull” and adds to our understanding of the world’s greatest fertilizer.
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  Religion is About Life: Religious and Political Discursive on the Role of Faith in Politics
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) This briefing note is based on the public lecture held in Regina on April 5th with special guest speaker the Right Reverend Peter Short, Moderator, United Church of Canada. Rev. Short delivered a presentation entitled "Religion is About Life" to which Dr. Shadia Drury and Dr. Peter Bisson gave enlivened responses.
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  Saskatchewan Politicians: Lives Past and Present
(University of Regina Press) More than 275 biographies of Saskatchewan politicians.
  Saskatchewan Premiers of the Twentieth Century
(University of Regina Press) This is a collection of biographical essays on the twelve premiers who led the province of Saskatchewan during the twentieth century.
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  The Patriation Minutes
(University of Regina Press) In November 1981, at the height of the nation’s constitutional crisis, the First Ministers assembled in Ottawa to seek an agreement. These are the minutes not taken.
  The Prairie Agrarian Movement Revisited
(University of Regina Press) Eighteen essays honouring the 100th anniversary (in 2001) of the formation of the Territorial Grain Growers Association explore important aspects of the historical legacy of the agrarian movement and contemplate their relevance to the current setting for the rural prairies.
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