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  A Note on Petroleum Occurrences in the Kindersley District, Southwestern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Christopher,J.E. Part of the Summary volume.; 1999
  A-01 Saskatchewan Phanerozoic Fluids and Petroleum Systems Assessment
(Energy and Resources) Steve Whittaker, Arden Marsh, Stephen Bend, and Ben Rostron. A-1 Saskatchewan Phanerozoic Fluids and Petroleum Systems Assessment
  A-02 Karst Facies Characterization of the Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) Madison Group and the Jura-Cretaceous Success Formation of West-central Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) D. Kohlruss - Descriptions of karst facies and karst facies associations identified in strata of the Success Formation and Madison Group of west-central Saskatchewan, and their potential as oil reservoirs
  A-04 Overview of the Paleotopography on the Sub-Mesozoic Unconformity and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Mississippian Madison Group of Southeastern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) A. Marsh - Discussion of structure contour and oil-cut maps produced using data from over 4000 non-horizontal wells, and the relationship between the sub-Mesozoic unconformity and accumulation of hydrocarbons in Mississippian-aged strata in southeastern Saskatchewan illustrated by these maps
  A-05 Evaluating Production Performance from Horizontal Well Refracs in Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) M.J. Nelson - Evaluation of the success of refrac completions on horizontal wells in the Bakken and Viking formations, to increase production and recovery
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  From Source to Trap: A Review of the Bakken Petroleum System, Upper Devonian–Mississippian, Southeastern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) S. Halabura, L. Buatois, S. Angulo, and L. Piché. Part of the Summary volume 2007-4.1
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  Geological Report 133: Geology and Petroleum Accumulations of the North Hoosier Area, West Central Saskatchewan by W.I. White - 1969
(Energy and Resources) White,W.I. 37 pages, 21 figures. 4 cross-sections in pocket.; 1969
  Geological Report 162: The Saskatchewan Government Computerized Well Information System by John V. Buller - 1972
(Energy and Resources) Buller,J.V. 125 pages, 18 figures. The complete information system digitally. To access these 4 information sets, contact 306) 787-2562.; 1972
  Geological Report 163: The Geology of the Mississippian Ratcliffe Beds in South-Central Saskatchewan by L.M. Fuzesy - 1973
(Energy and Resources) Fuzesy,L.M. 63 pages, 1 table, 11 plates, 1 figure. 1 structure map, 4 cross sections in pocket.; 1973
  Geological Report 177: Subsurface Waste-Disposal Potential of Saskatchewan by F. Simpson & E.G. Dennison - 1975
(Energy and Resources) Dennison,E.G.;Simpson,F. 76 pages, 20 tables, 35 figures.; 1975
  Geological Report 179: The Upper Devonian Duperow Formation in Southeastern Saskatchewan by Colin E. Dunn - 1975
(Energy and Resources) Dunn,C.E. 149 pages, 4 tables, 19 plates, 26 figures.; 1975
  Geological Report 180: The Ordovician Carbonate Succession (Bighorn Group) of Southeastern Saskatchewan by A.C. Kendall - 1976
(Energy and Resources) Kendall,A.C. 185 pages, 34 plates, 28 figures.; 1976
  Geological Report 215: Petroleum Geology of the Mississippian Midale Beds, Benson Oil Field, Southeastern Saskatchewan by S.R. Smith - 1980
(Energy and Resources) Smith,S.R. 98 pages, 2 tables, 8 plates, 19 figures (2 figures in pocket).; 1980
  Geological Report 217: Stratigraphy of the Jurassic System in the Wapella-Moosomin Area, Southeastern Saskatchewan by L.K. Kreis - 1991
(Energy and Resources) Kreis,L.K. (90 + x) pages, 17 figures/maps in container plus 10 text figures.; 1991
  Geological Report 104: Geology of the Frobisher-Alida Beds, Southeastern Saskatchewan by L.M. Fuzesy - 1966
(Energy and Resources) Fuzesy,L.M. 59 pages, 3 tables, 12 plates, 2 figures. 3 maps, 9 cross sections.; 1966
  Geological Report 125: The Petrology and Economic Geology of the Upper Devonian Birdbear Formation in Southeastern Saskatchewan by R.A.H. Nichols - 1970
(Energy and Resources) Nichols,R.A.H. 93 pages, 5 tables, 19 plates, 10 figures. 1 seismic map, 2 cross sections in pocket.; 1970
  Geological Report 13: The Jurassic Sediments of Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) A Preliminary Report. 24 pages, 1 table. 5 cross sections and 4 geological maps (2 at 1:1,013,760, and 2 at 1:2,027,520; - SUPERCEDED BY SIR REPT. NO. 18.; 1954
  Geological Report 141: A Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Analysis of the Mississippian Madison Formation in Southwestern Saskatchewan by D.M. Kent - 1974
(Energy and Resources) Kent,D.M. 85 pages, 2 tables, 16 plates, 13 figures. 3 cross sections, 1 panel diagram, in pocket.; 1974
  Geological Report 150: Sedimentology, Palaeoecology and Economic Geology of Lower Colorado (Cretaceous) Strata of West-Central Saskatchewan by Frank Simpson - 1982
(Energy and Resources) Simpson,F. 183 pages, 6 tables, 25 plates, 40 figures.; 1982
  Geological Report 151: The Upper Jurassic Vanguard and Lower Cretaceous Mannville Groups of Southwestern Saskatchewan by J.E. Christopher - 1974
(Energy and Resources) Christopher,J.E. 349 pages, 51 figures, 4 cross sections in pocket.; 1974
  Geological Report 157: Hydrocarbon Potential of Saskatchewan by J.E. Christopher, D.M. Kent & F. Simpson - 1971
(Energy and Resources) Christopher,J.E.;Kent,D.M.;Simpson,F. 47 pages, 2 tables, 33 figures.; 1971
  Geological Report 158: Geological Investigations in the Pasquia Hills Area by L.S. Beck 1974
(Energy and Resources) Beck,L.S. 16 pages, 6 tables, 16 plates, 3 figures. Geological Map 158A, 1:250,000, in pocket.; 1974
  Geological Report 15: Subsurface Exploration Geology and Devonian Prospects of the Meadow Lake-Prince Albert-Yorkton Area, Saskatchewan by D.B. Maclennan & M. Kammen-Kayle - 1954
(Energy and Resources) Kamen-Kaye,M.;MacLennan,D.B. 30 pages, 1 table, 2 plates, 1 figure, 2 structure maps and 7 cross sections in pocket.; 1954
  Geological Report 46: The Evaporites of the Upper Ordovician Strata in the Northern Part of the Williston Basin by D.M. Kent - 1960
(Energy and Resources) Kent,D.M. 45 pages, 2 tables, 5 plates, 7 figures. 3 cross sections, 1 panel diagram, in pocket.; 1960
  Geological Report 47: Deadwood and Winnipeg Stratigraphy in East-Central Saskatchewan by Douglas D. McLean - 1960
(Energy and Resources) McLean,D.D. 37 pages, 13 figures. 5 cross sections in pocket.; 1960
  Geological Report 48: Geology and Reservoir Characteristics of the Glen Ewen Field, Saskatchewan by I.O Magas - 1960
(Energy and Resources) Magas,I.O. 62 pages, 11 tables, 18 figures. 3 cross sections in pocket.; 1960
  Geological Report 51: Correlation and Subcrops of the Mississippian Strata in Southeastern and South-Central Saskatchewan by L.M. Fuzsey
(Energy and Resources) Fuzesy,L.M. 63 pages, 3 tables, 12 figures, 4 maps and 10 cross sections in pocket.; 1960
  Geological Report 63: Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data in West Central Saskatchewan and East Central Alberta by R.G. Agarwal - 1960
(Energy and Resources) Agarwal,R.G. 19 pages, 1 table, 4 figures, 3 maps: Plate 1, Aeromagnetic Map (including basement lithology); Plate 2, Theoretical Structure Map of the Precambrian Surface; Plate 3, Correlation of Magnetic Data with Known Geology.; Plates 1 and 2 cover NTS areas 73J-W., K, L, M, N, O, W. and 83I, P, and are at a scale of 1:506,880; Plate 3 covers NTS Area 73P-15 and is at a scale of 1:63,360, in pocket.; 1960
  Geological Report 64: Deadwood and Winnipeg Stratigraphy in South-Western Saskatchewan by W.K. Fyson - 1961
(Energy and Resources) Fyson,W.K. 37 pages, 6 plates, 9 figures. 3 cross sections in pocket.; 1961
  Geological Report 65: The Viking Formation in Southwestern Saskatchewan by H. Llewelyn - 1961
(Energy and Resources) Jones,H.L. 79 pages, 11 plates, 22 figures (19 in pocket).; 1961
  Geological Report 73: The Stratigraphy of the Upper Devonian Saskatchewan Group of Southwestern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Kent,D.M. 51 pages, 4 plates, 8 figures. 3 cross sections in pocket.;1963
  Geological Report 76: Hydrocarbon Potential of the South Regina Area, Saskatchewan by W. Wilson, D.L. Surjik & H.B. Sawatzky - 1963
(Energy and Resources) Sawatzky,H.B.;Surjik,D.L.;Wilson,W. 15 pages, 3 figures. 4 maps, 1:506,880, 3 transparent paper overlays, 1 cross section in pocket.; (second printing in 1990); 1963
  Geological Report 92: Souris River Formation in Southern Saskatchewan by D.M. Lane - 1966
(Energy and Resources) Lane,D.M. Second printing in 1985. 72 pages, 3 tables, 18 figures, 7 cross sections, 3 maps, 1:1,013,760 scale, in pocket.; Note: For the second printing, Figures 4 and 7 to 16 were combined on two sheets in the back pocket and Plates I to X (the cross sections and maps) were reduced in size and combined on three sheets.; 1964
  Geological Report 95: The Middle Jurassic Shaunavon Formation of Southwestern Saskatchewan by James E. Christopher - 1964
(Energy and Resources) Christopher,J.E. 95 pages, 9 plates, 18 figures. 6 structure maps, 1:126,720, plus 7 accompanying panel diagrams as transparent overlays, in pocket.; (second printing in 1992); 1964
  Geological Report 96: Mannville Group and Associated Lower Cretaceous Clastic Rocks in Southwestern Saskatchewan by Ian D. Maycock - 1967
(Energy and Resources) Maycock,I.D. 108 pages, 1 table, 31 plates, 13 figures. 1 typical electric log expression sheet, 1 typical lithology sheet, 7 cross sections, in pocket.; 1967
  Geological Report 98: The Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Formation of Saskatchewan by Llewelyn Jones - 1965
(Energy and Resources) Jones,L. 101 pages, 20 plates, 1 figure. 11 maps, 2 panel diagrams, 1 characteristic section, 6 cross sections, in pocket.; 1965
  Geoscape Southern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Gilboy,C.F.;Haidl,F.M.;Turner, R.J.W. Part of the Summary volume.; 2003
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  Misc. Rept. 2003-7: Geology, and Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Sask. Geol. Survey Staff. 182 (173 + viii) pages. This report supercedes Miscellaneous Report 94-6 'Geology and Mineral Resources of Saskatchewan'. This report contains a review of the history of mineral (including diamonds and petroleum and natural gas) exploration and development in Saskatchewan.
  Misc. Rept. 2004-7: Geoscape Southern Saskatchewan Poster
(Energy and Resources) Clague, C.C., Franklin, R.G., Gilboy, C.F., Haidl, F.M., Turner, R.J.W. A colour poster which educates the viewer on the landscapes, groundwater, water, landslide potential, mineral and petroleum riches, badlands, subsurface geology, fossil dinosaurs, soil food growth potential, and geoconstruction problems of southern Saskatchewan.
  Misc. Rept. 2016-3 Porosity and Permeability Evaluation for the Devonian-Mississippian Lower Middle Bakken Member in the Viewfield Pool, Southeastern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Reservoir characterization and development of petrophysical models for calculating porosity and permeability of Unit A in the Middle Bakken Member in southeastern Saskatchewan, using analysis of core measurements, conventional well logs, and nuclear magnetic resonance well logs.
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  Rebuilding a Regional Seismographic Network in Southern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) I. Morozov, G. Chubak and L. Litwin. Rebuilding a Regional Seismographic Network in Southern Saskatchewan; Part of the Summary volume 2007-4.1
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  Saskatchewan Mining and Petroleum GeoAtlas
(Energy and Resources) This new ArcGIS server web mapping site combines Mineral Tenure, Oil and Gas, and Geoscience Themes into one site. Some of the available datasets include: 1:1 million scale maps including bedrock and surficial geology, Crown dispositions, geochemistry, assessment work coverage, mineral deposits and showings, and oil & gas wells & pools. Download attached file below for a URL link to the Application, or copy and paste this link into your browser: Application Link:
  Structure, Stratigraphy and Sedimentation of the Midale Beds, Benson Field
(Energy and Resources) Smith,S.R. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1978
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