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  1 Insight into the crustal structure and mineral potential of the western Reindeer Zone, eastern Brabant Lake–western Wapiskau River area
(Energy and Resources) by Ryan Morelli, Yinghui Zhang, Jaida Lamming
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  8 New regional geology and mineral occurrences of the south Rae craton in the NWT from GEM2: Implications for continuation of the Boomerang, Black Bay and Axis- Thye Lake trends
(Energy and Resources) by Sally Pehrsson and co-authors
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  A-2 Characterization of the Wappasini and Kyaska Thrust Sheets in the Eastern Brabant Lake--Western Wapiskau River Area of the Western Reindeer Zone
(Energy and Resources) R.M. Morelli, Y. Zhang and J.L. Lamming - Geology and economic mineral potential of an area between Reindeer Lake and Lac La Ronge in northeastern Saskatchewan
  A-7 New Sm-Nd Data from the Zemlak Domain: Testing the Model for Tectonically Amalgamated Taltson Basement Complex and Proto-Rae Cratonic Blocks within the Rae Province of Northwestern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) K. Ashton, R.A. Creaser and K. Bethune - Comparison of new Sm-Nd ages from north of Lake Athabasca to determine tectonic history of rocks in that area
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  Bedrock Geology of the Bartlett Lake area, La Ronge Domain (Part of NTS 73P/06, /07, /10 and /11)
(Energy and Resources) R.O. Maxeiner - Bedrock Geology of the Bartlett Lake area, southern La Ronge Domain (Part of NTS 73P/06, /07, /10 and /11)
  Bedrock Geology of the Eastern Brabant Lake - Lavender Lake Areas
(Energy and Resources) R.M. Morelli, J.L. Lamming and Y. Zhang - Bedrock Geology of the Eastern Brabant Lake – Lavender Lake Areas (Parts of NTS 64D/03 and /04, 63M/13 and /14
  Bedrock Geology of the Robertson-Palmer lakes area (Parts of NTS 73P16, 73P09 and 63M13) at 1:20 000 scale
(Energy and Resources) S.R. Van De Kerckhove, S.M. Ma, and S.R. Brandt
  Bedrock Geology of the Sulphide Lake area, western Glennie Domain (Part of NTS 73P/07)
(Energy and Resources) R.O. Maxeiner - Bedrock Geology of the Sulphide Lake area, western Glennie Domain (Part of NTS 73P/07)
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  Misc. Rept. 2003-7: Geology, and Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Sask. Geol. Survey Staff. 182 (173 + viii) pages. This report supercedes Miscellaneous Report 94-6 'Geology and Mineral Resources of Saskatchewan'. This report contains a review of the history of mineral (including diamonds and petroleum and natural gas) exploration and development in Saskatchewan.
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  Precambrian Geological Data and Mineral Data Files
(Energy and Resources) Fuh,T.M. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1978
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  Reform of The Homesteads Act, 1989 (2017)
(Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan) The Homesteads Act, 1989 protects spouses who do not own their homes against the sale, mortgaging or other disposition of the homestead by requiring the non-owning spouse to sign a consent and be examined separately from the owning spouse before such action can be taken. This Final Report recommends allowing an attorney to consent to a disposition of the homestead in place of a non-owning spouse, subject to the condition that where the attorney is the spouse of the non-owning spouse, the attorney only be able to consent to a disposition of the homestead where the non-owning spouse lacks capacity. This Final Report also recommends that The Homesteads Act, 1989 be amended to specifically exclude mines and minerals from the definition of the homestead.
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  Saskatchewan Mineral Assessment Database Application (SMAD)
(Energy and Resources) The Saskatchewan Mineral Assessment Database is an integrated searchable database of non-confidential mineral assessment files submitted in compliance with The Mineral Disposition Regulations, 1986. The SMAD program allows for the search of Mineral Assessment Files by Text or Map search and the ability to view or download digital copies of the files. Most files will be made available in PDF format, which is viewable with Adobe Reader (a freeware product available online). Other file types such as digital airborne data, may also be present and may require more specialized programs. As new digital mineral assessment files come off-confidential, they will be added to the online database and will be available to download or view. Our historical data is available for text and map searches, but digital copies of these records for viewing and download will only be available as they are digitally scanned. The application is available here:
  Saskatchewan Mining and Petroleum GeoAtlas
(Energy and Resources) This new ArcGIS server web mapping site combines Mineral Tenure, Oil and Gas, and Geoscience Themes into one site. Some of the available datasets include: 1:1 million scale maps including bedrock and surficial geology, Crown dispositions, geochemistry, assessment work coverage, mineral deposits and showings, and oil & gas wells & pools. Download attached file below for a URL link to the Application, or copy and paste this link into your browser: Application Link:
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