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  A-9 U-Pb Geochronology, Sm-Nd Isotopic Analysis and Geochemistry for a Diorite from the Nisikkatch Lake Area of the Northeastern Zemlak Domain
(Energy and Resources) C. D. Card, N.M. Rayner and R.A. Creaser - Comparison of geochronology and geochemistry analyses for a diorite in the northeastern Zemlak Domain to diorites south of the Athabasca Basin
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  Base Metal Deposits and Geology of the Early Proterozoic Hanson Lake Metavolcanics
(Energy and Resources) Sibbald,T.I.I. Part of the Summary volume.; 1989
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  Common Lead Studies in the La Ronge and Glennie Domains and in the Hanson Lake Block
(Energy and Resources) Bickford,M.E.;Collerson,K.D.;Mock,T.D.;Stratton,D.L. Part of the Summary volume.; 1993
  Compilation Bedrock Geology: Pelican Narrows and Amisk Lake Areas (63M, 63L, part of 63N and 63K)
(Energy and Resources) Macdonald,R. 1:250,000 scale Preliminary Geological Map; 1981
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  Geological Investigations of the Context of Quartzite-hosted Zn-Pb Mineralization, Sito-Adams Lakes Area, Wollaston Domain (parts of 74A-4 and -5)
(Energy and Resources) Delaney,G.D.;Savage,D. Part of the Summary volume.; 1998
  Geological Report 135: The Geology of the Combe Lake Area, Saskatchewan by B.P. Scott - 1970
(Energy and Resources) Scott,B.P. 32 pages, 15 tables, 7 plates, 12 figures. Geological Map 135A, 1:63,360, and a compilation (by B.P. Scott and R.H. Wallis) geological map, 1:126,720, of all or parts of 64E-5,-12-13, 64L-3,-4, 74H-8, -9, in pocket.; 1970
  Geological Report 213: Sediment-hosted Base Metal Deposits of the Wollaston Domain, Northern Saskatchewan by William Coombe - 1994
(Energy and Resources) Coombe,W. (108 + viii) pages, 30 tables, 35 figures, 11 maps. This report is a compilation of field investigations by Coombe from 1977 to 1979 and mineral assessment records of numerous lead, zinc, and copper occurrences hosted in Early Proterozoic metasediments of the Wollaston Domain; Four areas, namely the Morell Lake, Foster River, Pendleton Lake and Duddridge Lake, which contain clusters of base metal occurences are described, and metallogenic metals are proposed, and exploration potential discussed.; 1994
  Geological Report 142: The Geology of the Ena Lake Area (West Half), Saskatchewan by T.H. de Zoysa - 1974
(Energy and Resources) De Zoysa,T.H. 26 pages, 1 table, 3 plates, 7 figures. Geological Map 142A, 1:63,360, in pocket.; 1974
  Geological Report 148: Base Metal Geochemistry, Brabant Lake Area, Saskatchewan by W.G.Q. Johnston - 1973
(Energy and Resources) Johnston,W.G.Q. 27 pages, 17 tables, 10 figures (2 in pocket). Geochemical Maps (on transparent paper), 1:31,680, of bedrock specimens, 148A iron, 148B nickel, 148C copper, 148D zinc, 148E lead, in pocket.; For geological report and map of this area see Report 33.; 1972
  Geological Report 154: The Geology of the Pendleton Lake Area (West Half), Saskatchewan by B.P. Scott - 1973
(Energy and Resources) Scott,B.P. 58 pages, 15 tables, 12 plates, 20 figures. Geological Map 154A, 1:63,360; Geological Map 154B, 1:1,200 (with two transparent paper overlays), copper in bedrock, copper in B soil horizon, in pocket.; 1973
  Geological Report 232: Compilation Bedrock Geology, Reindeer Lake North, NTS Area 64E by R. Macdonald & M.W. Thomas - 1983
(Energy and Resources) Macdonald,R.;Thomas,M.W. First Edition, 1:250,000 scale. Geological map with marginal notes and references, in folder.; See also Data File 1.; 1983
  Geological Report 253: Metallogenic Map Series, Reindeer Lake South, NTS Area 64D by Blaine P. Scott - 1991
(Energy and Resources) Scott,B.P. First Edition, 1:250, 000 scale, (18 + iv) pages. Mineral Occurrences Map 253A in pocket.; 1991
  Geological Report 36: Mineral Occurrences in the Precambrian of Northern Saskatchewan (Excluding Radioactive Minerals) by L.S. Beck - 1959
(Energy and Resources) Beck,L.S. 134 pages, 20 figures. Map 1: Mineral Occurrences in Northern Saskatchewan, 1:1,267,200; and Map 2: Mineral Occurrences in the Amisk-Hanson Lakes Area, 1:158,400, in pocket.; 1959
  Geological Report 41: The Geology of the Otter Lake Area (West Half), Saskatchewan by W.A. Padgham - 1960
(Energy and Resources) Padgham,W.A. 34 pages, 3 tables, 1 plate. Geological Map 41A, 1:63,360, and a mineral occurrence map, 1:63,360, in pocket.; See also Summary of Investigations 1981, Map 5.; 1960
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  La Ronge-Wollaston Base Minerals Project
(Energy and Resources) Coombe,W. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1975
  La Ronge-Wollaston Belts Base Metals Project : George Hills, Johnson and Kaz Lakes and Geikie River Areas
(Energy and Resources) Coombe,W. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1977
  La Ronge-Wollaston Belts Base Metals Project: Sito Lake Area (Parts of 74A-4, -5)
(Energy and Resources) Potter,D. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1977
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  Metallic Mineral Occurrences in or under the Phanerozoic Rocks of Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Paterson,D.F. Part of the Summary volume.; 1987
  Metallogenic Environments, Deception Lake Area
(Energy and Resources) Harper,C.T. Part of the Summary volume.; 1990
  Mineral Deposits and Regional Metallogeny, Southeastern Shield
(Energy and Resources) Coombe,W. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1979
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  Neodymium, Strontium and Lead Isotope Geochemistry Project
(Energy and Resources) Collerson,K.D. Part of the Summary volume.; 1986
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  Open File 91-1: Base Metals in Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Coombe Geoconsultants Ltd. (218 + xiv) pages, five base metal distribution maps at 1:1 000,000 scale in pocket.; 1991
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  Preliminary U-Pb Results from the Attitti Lake and Pelican Lake Areas
(Energy and Resources) Ashton,K.E.;Heaman,L.M. 64D-12 and -13. Part of the Summary volume.; 1996
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  Revision Bedrock Geology, Hanson Lake Area (part of 63L-10)
(Energy and Resources) Maxeiner,R.O.;Sibbald,T.I.I. Preliminary geology map. 1:20,000 scale.; see accompanying summary paper: Geology of the Hanson Lake Area; 1993
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  The Geological Setting of Mineral Deposits of the Flin Flon-Amisk Lake Area
(Energy and Resources) Reilly,B.A. Part of the Summary volume.; 1995
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  Wollaston Belt Base Metals Project, Sito Lake Area
(Energy and Resources) Potter,D. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1978
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