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Publication List Using "hydrology"

  Comment on the Mannville (Lower Cretaceous) Aquifer in Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Christopher,J.E. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1980
  Discussion of an Option for Geological Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel Beneath the Williston Basin of Southern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Brunskill, B. 8 page summary paper (no maps); Part of the Summary volume 2006-4.1
  Fluid History of the Athabasca Basin and its Relation to Uranium Deposits
(Energy and Resources) Kotzer,T.;Kyser,T.K. Part of the Summary volume.; 1990
  Geological Report 151: The Upper Jurassic Vanguard and Lower Cretaceous Mannville Groups of Southwestern Saskatchewan by J.E. Christopher - 1974
(Energy and Resources) Christopher,J.E. 349 pages, 51 figures, 4 cross sections in pocket.; 1974
  Open File 92-1: Sub-Duperow Formation Brines in Southern Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Gent,M.R.;Kreis,L.K. (77 + 4) pages.; 1992
  Re-evaluation of the Shallow Biogenic Gas Accumulation, Northern Great Plains, USA - Is the Similar Gas Accumulation in Southeastern Alberta and Southwestern Saskatchewan a Good Analog?
(Energy and Resources) Anna,L.O.;Condon,S.M.;Cook,T.;Hester,T.C.;Lillis,P.G.;Ridgley,J.L.;Rowan,E.L. Part of the Summary volume.; 1999