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  Askel Sanemose and Canada: A Scandinavian Writer's Perception of the Canadian Prairies in the 1920's
(University of Regina Press) In 1927 Sandemose made a trip to western Canada, sponsored in part by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The idea was that he would write about conditions inthe Danish settlements there and consider the advantages of immigrating to the country.
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  Guides des sources historiques des francophones aux archives de la Saskatchewan
(Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan) A guide to historic archival Francophone sources at Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan.
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  Historic Places Initiative Report (2008-09)
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Report on results of the Historic Places Initiative (2008-09); prepared for the ministry. Includes Objectives (2008-09); Detailed Report; Issues and Recommendations; Appendices and; Reporting Table.
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  Legislative Library Catalogue, Resources and Collections
(Legislative Assembly) Not finding the publication you’re looking for? Try the Saskatchewan Legislative Library.
  Letters Home: The Wartime Correspondence and Diary of John Edwin Gardiner, RCAF (1919-1942)
(University of Regina Press) On August 18, 1942, on the eve of the Dieppe Raid, Edwin wrote to his father: “At long last we’re going to take part in something big which you will read all about in the papers long before you get this letter.” Edwin Gardiner was killed when his plane when down on the following day.
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  Metis and the Medicine Line: Creating a Border and Dividing a People
(University of Regina Press) Metis and the Medicine Line is a sprawling, ambitious look at how national borders and notions of race were created and manipulated to unlock access to indigenous lands. It is also an intimate story of individuals and families, brought vividly to life by history writing at its best.
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  People of the Plains
(University of Regina Press) Amelia M. Paget records her observations of the customs, beliefs, and lifestyles of the Plains Cree and Saulteaux among whom she lived. She died in Ottawa in 1922.
  Practical Utopians: The Lives and Writings of Ed and Will Paynter
(University of Regina Press) Ed and Will Paynter have been described as visionaries. Coming to adulthood at the turbulent end of the Victorian age, they were Canadians who had a different vision from the majority of their contemporaries. Instead of a liberal world of economic individualism, or a Darwinian struggle for economic existence, they saw a New Jerusalem, a utopia characterized by cooperation rather than competition.
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  Saskatchewan Local Histories at the Legislative Library
(Legislative Assembly) A catalogue of over 900 local histories held by the Legislative Library
  Saskatchewan Road and Railway Bridges to 1950: A Historical Overview
(Parks, Culture and Sport) A report prepared for the ministry by R. Herrington (2008). Outlines and examines the different bridges found across the province.
  Saskatchewan Road and Railway Bridges to 1950: Inventory
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Inventory of bridges found within the province (2007); prepared for the ministry by R. Herrinton.
  Settling Saskatchewan
(University of Regina Press) In Settling Saskatchewan, author Alan Anderson expertly identifies and explains the patterns of immigration and settlement in the province and further enlightens us on the many peoples who now comprise its extraordinarily diverse cultural mosaic. They came from all parts of the world, from all walks of life—and they continue to come today. Together with the indigenous aboriginal population, they have made Saskatchewan what it is.
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  The Assiniboine
(University of Regina Press) Denig's manuscript was unpublished until 1930, when J.N.B. Hewitt edited it for publication in the Smithsonian Bureau of Ethnology's Forty-sixth Annual Report. The report, long unavailable, is reprinted here for the first time. This new edition, with an introduction by David R. Miller, provides a complete ethnology of the Assiniboine Indians, including information on their history, tribal organization and government, religion, manners and customs, warfare, dances, and language.
  The Dakota of the Canadian North:Lessons for Survival
(University of Regina Press) In this volume, Elias examines the economic strategies the Dakota in Canada used to survive, and demonstrates their cultural tenacity and economic ingenuity in adapting to the trying economic circumstances of their environment. Illustrations-26
  The Early Northwest
(University of Regina Press) The Early Northwest has articles on "Early Aboriginal History", "The Fur Trade", "Rupert's Land and Red River", and "Resistance and 'Rebellion'".
  The Education of Augie Merasty
(University of Regina Press) This memoir offers a courageous and intimate chronicle of life in a residential school.
  The Heavy Hand of History: Interpreting Saskatchewan's Past
(University of Regina Press) The heavy hand of history is a metaphor for the weight exerted by past events, decisions, institutions and attitudes on the present. To prepare for 2005, Saskatchewan’s centennial year, the authors in this volume were asked to write essays on their interpretation of the long-run historical factors that significantly influence Saskatchewan today and that will continue to shape its future.
  The Prairie Agrarian Movement Revisited
(University of Regina Press) Eighteen essays honouring the 100th anniversary (in 2001) of the formation of the Territorial Grain Growers Association explore important aspects of the historical legacy of the agrarian movement and contemplate their relevance to the current setting for the rural prairies.
  Timeline of Significance for the Saskatchewan Training School (Valley View)
(Parks, Culture and Sport) Timeline of significant events surrounding the Saskatchewan Training School (Valley View); prepared by Blaine Wickham, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Saskatchewan.
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  Your Loving Son: Letters of an RCAF Navigator
(University of Regina Press) Your Loving Son: Letters of an RCAF Navigator is a collection of George King's wartime letters to his family in Summerberry, Saskatchewan. These letters—humorous, heartwarming, poignant—offer a glimpse of the war and of Prairie life from the perspective of one young man who journeyed far from home to serve his country. Your Loving Son also includes the telegrams, government documents, and letters of condolence received by the King family after George's death. These provide a rare insight into the impact of the death of this young airman on his friends and family, the other and often forgotten casualties of war.
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