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  Advance Health Care Directives Act: Proposals (1991)
(Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan) This Report discusses the role of the proposed Advance Health Care Directives Act in promoting dying with dignity.
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  Benefit Booklet - It's For Your Benefit
(Health) A guide to health coverage in Saskatchewan.
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(Finance) PST Bulletin 45: Chiropractors
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  Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch Annual Statistical Reports
(Health) Annual Statistical Reports Saskatchewan Health Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch
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  eHealth Saskatchewan Annual Reports
(Health) Annual Reports eHealth Saskatchewan
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  Health Care Spending, Fiscal Sustainability, and Public Investment
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) In this study, Joe Ruggeri analyzes three major issues on the debate on health care policy in Canada: (a) the concept and measurement of sustainability, (b) health care and fiscal federalism, and (c) health care spending as investment.
  Health Spending in Saskatchewan: Recent Trends, Future Options
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) In our world of defined resources, and competing social needs, what is the best approach to financing an expensive – and increasingly costly – health care system? Mr. Daniel Hickey in his timely, thought-provoking study on health care in Saskatchewan examines this question through the two related issues of health expenditure trends and financing options.
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  Medical Services Branch Annual Statistical Reports
(Health) Annual Statistical Reports Medical Services Branch Saskatchewan Health
  MEDICARE - Commission on Medicare Final Report (AKA Fyke Report)
(Health) (April 6, 2001) The Commission on Medicare, headed by health consultant Ken Fyke, identifies challenges facing medicare, outlines potential solutions and engages the public and health care providers in a discussion of new ideas.
  Ministry of Health Annual Reports
(Health) The annual report is provided to help the general public evaluate the operational performance of the Ministry of Health.
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(Finance) PST Bulletin 44: Optometrists
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  Passion for Action in Child and Family Services: Voices from the Prairies
(University of Regina Press) Grounded in practice and arising out of the unique Prairie context, this is a fresh perspective on issues in child and family services in Canada.
  Patients' Rights
(Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan) A summary of the rights patients have when receiving health care treatment.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 13
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) Articles in this issue: Media Presentation of Crime Statistics; The Supreme Court from the Outside; A Debate on Canadian Senators; Restorative Justice; and more.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 17
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) Articles in this issue include Medical Education and Public Policy, Water Governance in the Prairie Provinces, Essential Services in Saskatchewan, Primaries, Adaptation to Climate Change, and more.
  Primary Health Care Framework Report
(Health) 2012 - This framework synthesizes the perspectives of more than 400 people – community leaders, patients, providers, policy-makers and managers. It outlines their shared vision for a sustainable primary health care system that will provide a superior patient experience and result in an exceptionally healthy Saskatchewan population. The framework has been developed for communities, patients and providers, Regional Health Authorities and other service delivery partners.
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  Redistributing Health: New Directions in Population Health Research in Canada
(University of Regina Press) Redistributing Health explores the theory, ethics and practice of critical population health research as it aims to change policy, politics, outcomes, and the socio-economic dynamics that underpin the health of populations in Canada.
  Royal Commissions and the Policy Cycle in Canada: The Case of Health Care
(Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy) When governments have concluded that a fundamental re-examination of current policy is necessary and some new approaches are necessary, they are often tempted to reach beyond both tiers of government in favour of external instruments for extraordinary policy review. This paper analyzes the case for conducting a royal commission on health care in Canada.
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  The Surprising Lives of Small Town Doctors
(University of Regina Press) In The Surprising Lives of Small-Town Doctors, physicians put down their stethoscopes and pick up their pens to share some of the most frightening and pivotal moments of their careers.
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  Vital Statistics Annual Reports
(Health) Statistical information based on the Vital Statistics Registry in Saskatchewan.
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