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Legislation List Using "fire"

  F-13.4 Reg 18 - The Municipal Fire Truck (Provincial Sales Tax) Exemption Regulations
(Publications Saskatchewan) under The Financial Administration Act, 1993
  National Fire Assurance Company, Incorporating
(Publications Saskatchewan) 1908 CHAPTER 52 An Act to incorporate the National Fire Assurance Company
  OC 7/2018 - Discovery Air Fire Services Inc. Funding Agreement for $140,000 – Aviation Services to Conduct Woodland Caribou Field Studies (2017-2018 Fiscal Year) (Document #30604) (Minister of Environment)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  R.S.S. 1978, Chapter F-14 (1979-02-26) - The Fire Departments Platoon Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) CHAPTER F-14 An Act respecting the Platoon System for Employees of Certain Municipal Fire Departments