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Publication List Using "violence against women"

You selected the term "abused women".

The subject "violence against women" is used for  "abused women", "battered women"

  A Guide to the Law for Saskatchewan Women
(Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan) A comprehensive examination of various laws that impact on the lives of Saskatchewan women featuring related resources.
  Abusive Relationships
(Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan) Information about options available to help deal with abuse and violence in relationships.
  Emergency Intervention Order
(Justice) For use in cases of interpersonal violence and abuse.
  Final Report of the Provincial Partnership Committee on Missing Persons
(Justice) Final Report of the Provincial Partnership Committee on Missing Persons.
  OC 73/2008 - Federal-Provincial Agreement – Domestic Violence Victim Caseworker Project (2007-2010 Fiscal Years) (Minister of Justice and Attorney General/ Minister of Finance)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  Torn From Our Midst
(University of Regina Press) More than 300 women and men gathered in August 2008 at a conference entitled Missing Women: Decolonization, Third Wave Feminisms, and Indigenous People of Canada and Mexico. Here, personal stories and theoretical tools were brought together, as academics, activists, family members of missing and murdered women, police, media, policy-makers, justice workers, and members of faith communities offered their perspectives on the issue of racialized, sexualized violence