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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Publication List Using "violence against children"

You selected the term "abused children".

The subject "violence against children" is used for  "abused children", "battered children", "child abuse", "child neglect"

  2017 Provincial Child Abuse Protocol
(Social Services) The Government of Saskatchewan and Police Services endorse the 2017 Saskatchewan Child Abuse Protocol and adopts it for use within our organizations. (See also French version.)
  Child Protection Services
(Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan) Information about child apprehension and child protection hearings.
  E-8.2 - The Emergency Protection for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Act
(Publications Saskatchewan) An Act respecting Emergency Protection for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse
  OC 450/2013 - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Grants for $150,000 (Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  OC 611/2009-Agreement on the Northern Responses-Approaches to Victims of Crime: Building on Strength-Resilience Project & Agreement on the Children Exposed to Violence Program Consultant Project (Minister of Justice & Attorney General/Minister of Finance)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .
  OC 73/2008 - Federal-Provincial Agreement – Domestic Violence Victim Caseworker Project (2007-2010 Fiscal Years) (Minister of Justice and Attorney General/ Minister of Finance)
(Cabinet Secretariat) .