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  Building Stone Investigations
(Energy and Resources) Guliov,P. Part of the Summary volume; 1988
  Building Stone Investigations in the Creighton - Denare Beach Area
(Energy and Resources) Guliov,P. Part of the Summary volume.; 1989
  Geological Assessment of Building Stone Potential, Wilson Lake and Bridgeman Lake Plutons (NTS 73P-16 and 73P-10)
(Energy and Resources) Thomas,M.W. 73P-16 and 73P-10. Part of the Summary volume.; 1988
  Misc. Rept. 2003-7: Geology, and Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Sask. Geol. Survey Staff. 182 (173 + viii) pages. This report supercedes Miscellaneous Report 94-6 'Geology and Mineral Resources of Saskatchewan'. This report contains a review of the history of mineral (including diamonds and petroleum and natural gas) exploration and development in Saskatchewan.
  Misc. Rept. 96-6: Saskatchewan Stone, Preliminary Investigations
(Energy and Resources) Guliov,P.;Pearse,G.H.K. (64 + vi) pages. This colour publication introduces the reader to the province's potential for building stone resources. It provides more detailed information than the previously published brochure "Stone in Saskatchewan".; The information contained is hoped to stimulate further exploration and development by the stone industry.
  Open File 90-1 Building Stone Potential in the Creighton-Denare Beach Area of Saskatchewan.
(Energy and Resources) Pearse,G.H.K. 28 pages.This report is based on preliminary investigations in the Creighton-Denare Beach area conducted by Saskatchewan Energy and Mines in 1989 under the Mineral Industry Diversification Program.; Field investigations and engineering tests as well as preliminary polishing trials were conducted on some of the major rock types in the area. The results indicate the area has good potential for yielding several varieties of high quality building stone.; 1990
  Open File 91-3 Building Stone Potential of the Creighton-Pelican Narrows Region of Saskatchewan
(Energy and Resources) Pearse,G.H.K. (32 + iv) pages, six figures/maps in pocket.; 1991
  Review of Industrial Mineral Investigations
(Energy and Resources) Gent,M.L.;Guliov,P. Part of the Summary volume.; 1990
  Review of Industrial Mineral Investigations 1989-90
(Energy and Resources) Guliov,P. Part of the Summary volume.; 1989