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You selected the term "airborne electromagnetic survey".

The subject "electromagnetic methods" is used for  "airborne electromagnetic survey", "electromagnetic prospecting"

  A-07 Using Magnetic and Electromagnetic Data Processing to Map Sub-Phanerozoic Basement Features in the Flin Flon Area
(Energy and Resources) O. Mahmoodi and R. Morelli - 2-D, 3-D and inversion modelling of geophysical data to interpret Precambrian basement features covered by Phanerozoic rocks in northeast Saskatchewan
  A-09 Inversion of VTEM and Spectrem Airborne Electromagnetic Data from the Flin Flon Area
(Energy and Resources) O. Mahmoodi - Reinterpreting old geophysical survey data using new processing tools to evaluate the feasibility and value of doing so
  Airborne Multisensor (Gamma Ray Spectrometric/Magnetic/VLF-EM) Surveys in Northern Saskatchewan: A Status Report
(Energy and Resources) Ashton,K.E.;Carson,J.M.;Delaney,G.D.;Ford,K.L.;Grant,J.A.;Harper,C.T.;Holman,P.B.;Shives,R.B.K. Part of the Summary volume.; 2000
  Catalogue of Geophysical Maps & Reports
(Energy and Resources) Off-confidential maps and Reports by Oil & Gas disposition holders: SC - Seismic Structure Contour, SL - Seismic Shot Hole Locations / Elevations, GM - Gravity, MI - Magnetic, Electrical, Miscellaneous; The result of a specified search is output as a printed report . The cost of the report is $5.00 per search. To order these maps, directly contact Thomas Schmidt at (306) 787-2562 or email
  Geological Report 28: Comparison of Electromagnetic Geophysical Prospecting Methods Over Known Sulphide Zones in the Flin Flon Area, Saskatchewan by A.R. Byers - 1957
(Energy and Resources) Byers,A.R. 34 pages, 3 plates, 6 figures. 1 plan of survey, 1:4,800, in pocket.; 1957
  Geology of the Sub-Athabasca Basement, Lloyd Lake Area (74F)
(Energy and Resources) Gilboy,C.F. 1:250,000 scale Preliminary Geological Map; see accompanying summary paper: Sub-Athabasca Basement Geology Project; 1983