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The subject "gamma-ray methods" is used for  "airborne gamma ray spectrometer survey"

  EXTECH IV Athabasca Uranium - Post-project Integration Highlights
(Energy and Resources) Jefferson, C.W., Delaney, G., Olson, R.A., Portella, P., Thomas, D. Part of Summary of Investigations 2003-4.2
  Field Investigations of Airborne Gamma Ray Spectral Domain D, NEA-IEA Test Area, Eastern Athabasca Basin
(Energy and Resources) Campbell, J.E., Shives, K.C., Klassen, R.A. Part of Summary of Investigations 2003-4.2
  Integrated Field Investigations of Airborne Radiometric Spectral Domains, NEA-IAEA Test Area, Eastern Athabasca Basin: A Preliminary Report
(Energy and Resources) Campbell,J.E.;Klassen,R.A.;Shives,R.B.K. Part of the Summary volume.; 2002
  Model Borehole Facility for Gamma Ray Logger Calibration
(Energy and Resources) Arnold,R.G. Not a saleable product. Part of the Summary volume.; 1981