Petroleum Tenure, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, Oil and Gas 20151118 Disposition_land vector digital data This data set displays the lands contained within Crown dispositions of petroleum and natural gas rights in the Province of Saskatchewan. The depiction of the lands within Crown oil and gas dispositions is intended to provide the oil and gas industry and the public with some basic information about Crown oil and gas dispositions in Saskatchewan. It should be noted that only those dispositions that are within the surveyed area of the province are shown. In addition, note that in some cases, the area associated with an individual disposition is an indication only that some portion of the Crown petroleum and natural gas rights within that area are under disposition, or that the Crown owns some portion of the petroleum and natural gas rights within the highlighted area (at least a portion of which are under disposition). For example, the Crown interest in a quarter section could relate only to the water covered area within the quarter section, although the entire quarter section is highlighted. 20151118 20151118 Agriculture land regions In work Continually -111.033846 -100.587944 57.373493 48.892348 ISO 19115 Topic Categories economy None This data set is owned by the Government of Saskatchewan and protected by Crown copyright. Unless otherwise noted materials may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes. The materials must be reproduced accurately and the reproduction must not be represented as an official version. As a general rule, information materials may be used for non-profit and personal use. There are important exceptions to this general rule: Information containing identifiable information about private citizens may only be used with the individual's permission. Certain graphic images including the Coat of Arms and Wheat Sheaf are Government logos and emblematic of the Saskatchewan Government. These images may not be reproduced on non-Government materials, without the written permission of Executive Council Communications Services. Reproduction of any materials for commercial purposes requires the advance written permission of the Government of Saskatchewan. Crown copyright should continue to be acknowledged in the following form: © 2003, Government of Saskatchewan. Microsoft Windows 7 Version 6.1 (Build 7601) Service Pack 1; Esri ArcGIS Vector GT-polygon composed of chains 21355 NAD 1983 CSRS UTM Zone 13N 0.9996 -105.0 0.0 500000.0 0.0 coordinate pair 0.000000002220024164500956 0.000000002220024164500956 meter D North American 1983 CSRS GRS 1980 6378137.0 298.257222101 Disposition_land ? ? FID Internal feature number. Esri Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated. SHAPE Feature geometry. Esri Coordinates defining the features. DISPID DISPTYPE DISPSTATUS GEOAREA ISSUEDATE LESSEES BONUSBID DSTRATRGHT PARCELHECT SHAPE_AREA Area of feature in internal units squared. Esri Positive real numbers that are automatically generated. SHAPE_LEN ? ? ? ? ? 20151118 Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy Thomas Schmidt Manager physical
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