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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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OC 475/2018 - The Animal Protection Regulations, 2018 (Minister of Agriculture)

Title: The Animal Protection Regulations, 2018

Minister: Minister of Agriculture

Summary: On filing date, The Animal Protection Regulations, 2000 are repealed and replaced which:

  • Expands the definition of abandoned animal by including an animal that is left abandoned and uncared for as a result of the arrest, or hospitalization, or death of a person.
  • Establishes requirements for approval of organizations as an Animal Protection Agency and prescribe organizations that are approved by the Minister.
  • Changes training requirements for Animal Protection Officers (APOs). APOs must successfully complete Minister approved investigative training which replaces the current requirements of an investigative training course.
  • Expands record keeping requirements for Animal Protection Agencies. Provide clear direction for Animal Protection Agencies on their responsibility to report animal protection activities to the Minister.
  • Addition of corrective action orders when reclaiming detained animals. This addition ensures that the person responsible for an animal detained by an Animal Protection Agency has complied with a corrective action order prior to reclaiming an animal.
  • Updates the list of standards, codes of practice and guidelines in Part 2 of the Appendix to provide additional standards and codes of practice and updates to existing codes of practice.
  • Repeals and replaces The Animal Protection Regulations, 2000 to comply with drafting standards and carry out the provisions of The Animal Protection Act, 2018.
See: The Animal Protection Act, 2018, section 36

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