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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Saskatchewan Mineral Assessment Database Application (SMAD)

The Saskatchewan Mineral Assessment Database is an integrated searchable database of non-confidential mineral assessment files submitted in compliance with The Mineral Disposition Regulations, 1986. The SMAD program allows for the search of Mineral Assessment Files by Text or Map search and the ability to view or download digital copies of the files. Most files will be made available in PDF format, which is viewable with Adobe Reader (a freeware product available online). Other file types such as digital airborne data, may also be present and may require more specialized programs. As new digital mineral assessment files come off-confidential, they will be added to the online database and will be available to download or view. Our historical data is available for text and map searches, but digital copies of these records for viewing and download will only be available as they are digitally scanned. The application is available here:


Staff of the Saskatchewan Geological Survey

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