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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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OC 589/2017 - The Provincial Lands (Agriculture) Amendment Regulations, 2017 (Minister of Agriculture)

Title: The Provincial Lands (Agriculture) Amendment Regulations, 2017

Minister: Minister of Agriculture

Summary: On filing date, these regulations will amend RRS P-31.1 Reg 1 to:

  • Enact a Crown land sale program, known as the 2017 LPLSP and a rental premium increase to promote the sale of land to existing lessees subject to the rental premium. The following sales incentive will be established to encourage lessees to purchase cultivated and formerly cultivated lands which have no public benefit:
  • 10 per cent reduction in the sale price of the land if the lesseeā€™s application to purchase is received before April 1, 2018.
  • Adjust the Section to enable the Ministry of Agriculture to provide clients who currently lease cultivated and formerly cultivated lands, with a rental rate increase to further encourage lessees to purchase their leased land, which has no public benefit. The lease rental fee shall be increased by:
  • 45 per cent over the formula rent commencing January 1, 2018.
See: The Provincial Lands Act, 2016, section 9-1

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