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Friday, April 19, 2019
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OC 197/2017 - Wind-Down and Dissolution of Saskatchewan Transportation Company (Minister of Crown Investments/Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Transportation Company)

Title: Wind-Down and Dissolution of Saskatchewan Transportation Company

Minister: Minister of Crown Investments and Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Transportation Company

Summary: Orders that:

a) the affairs of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) be wound-up, and that STC cease operating vehicles for the purpose of transporting passengers and freight effective May 31, 2017;

b) STC dispose of its assets by way of sale, transfer, exchange, or any other manner that STC considers appropriate to achieve best value and maximize the proceeds of such sale, transfer, exchange or other manner by March 31, 2018; and

c) STC be dissolved and all residual assets, liabilities and obligations be transferred to Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan effective March 31, 2018.

See: The Crown Corporations Act, 1993, section 13

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