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OC 94/2017 - The Provincial Lands (Agriculture) Regulations (Minister of Agriculture)

Title: The Provincial Lands (Agriculture) Regulations

Minister: Minister of Agriculture

Summary: On March 13, 2017, these regulations (RRS P-31.1 Reg 1) will:

  • Issue overlapping land use dispositions in circumstances where the specific land uses do not interfere.
  • Utilize licences as a form of land disposition in addition to its use of leases, permits, and easements.
  • Clarify that all agricultural leases are treated equally by the minister, including the existing provision to cancel an agricultural lease without cause upon providing two years written notice to the lessee.
  • Simplify the lease surrender process by assigning a single date of March 31 that a lessee must surrender their lease, or be responsible for land rent for the upcoming year.
  • Allow for lease cancellation upon notification from the rural municipality of the lessee having one years unpaid property taxes.
  • Authority to sell small or orphaned parcels of vacant provincial land, where natural barriers restrict access, to producers having land immediately adjacent to the provincial land and have physical access.
  • Enhance the requirement for Order in Council approval prior to issuing any disposition where total land holdings would exceed 25,000 acres (10,117 hectares).
  • Clarify that the lessee of Provincial Land has the right to control access on their leased land.
  • Modernization of legislative terms and writing style to be consistent with the new Provincial Lands Act, 2016.
  • Simplifies and clarifies the fee structure for Provincial land.
  • Clarifies the contraventions for which an officer may enforce an administrative penalty to a disposition holder.
See: The Provincial Lands Act, 2016, section 9-1

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