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OC 519/2016 - The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Amendment Regulations, 2016 (Minister of the Economy)

Title: The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Amendment Regulations, 2016

Minister: Minister of the Economy

Summary: On filing date, these regulations will amend RRS A-22.2 Reg 3 to:

  • Implement changes in support of the Pan-Canadian Apprenticeship Mobility Protocol to allow persons registered as apprentices in another jurisdiction in Canada to work in Saskatchewan without registering with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC);
  • Allow a person who has applied for apprenticeship but does not meet the education requirements to continue to work in a compulsory trade while they are working toward meeting the education requirements;
  • Remove clauses that are redundant or duplicated in another act or regulation;
  • Remove trades that are no longer designated in Saskatchewan;
  • Update the regulations to reflect new trade names as a result of national apprentice harmonization; update names of organizations and remove those no longer in existence; and
  • Remove trades that now meet the default ratios and no longer need to be included in the regulation as exemptions and amend the ratios for the boilermaker and steamfitter pipefitter trades. The “default” or “standard” ratio means the number of apprentices supervised on work sites for every journeyperson. There are some trades, however, that exceed the default ratio. These are listed in the regulations as exemptions.
See: The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Act, 1999, section 54

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