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Friday, April 19, 2019
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OC 144/2016 - The Wildlife Amendment Regulations, 2016 (Minister of Environment)

Title: The Wildlife Amendment Regulations, 2016

Minister: Minister of Environment

Summary: On filing date, these regulations will amend RRS W-13.1 Reg 1 to:

  • establish those offences for which a hunter who will lose hunting rights for two years upon conviction;
  • detail the requirements for the new wildlife observation or detection scientific research permits;
  • add a new definition, vertebrate animal, which will clarify the definition of ‘wildlife’ contained in The Wildlife Act;
  • consolidate the existing wildlife habitat protection provisions;
  • guide the appropriate collection, disclosure, confidentiality and security of personal information maintained within the automated hunting, angling and trapping licence system;
  • ensure continued hunter access to a number of provincial water bodies as part of the effort to control overabundant white geese populations;
  • remove the application fee which currently applies to persons who salvage carcasses of big game animals that have been accidentally killed by a vehicle;
  • establish a permit authority allowing qualified persons to carry a firearm on an all-terrain vehicle in order to control carnivores which are actively predating livestock;
  • repeal a subsection which requires the signing of hunting licences and seals;
  • revise the wording so that subsequent wildlife regulation amendments are not required when Canadian Standards Association (CSA) specifications regarding safety clothing change;
  • clarify the firearm use guidelines for fur trappers and remove a reference to an unused coyote licence;
  • amend the regulations to address changes to federal and provincial community pasture programs.
See: The Wildlife Act, section 83

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