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Monday, December 10, 2018
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OC 432/2013 - Ministerial Responsibility Order (President of the Executive Council)

Title: Ministerial Responsibility Order

Minister: President of the Executive Council

Summary: Orders:

(a) That Order in Council 626/2012, dated November 28, 2012 is repealed;

(b) The appointment of the following persons as Members of the Executive Council and Ministers in order of seniority as set out below along with their respective offices and their responsibilities;

(c) The appointment of the Acting Minister for each Minister as set out below with respect to all of the responsibilities of the Minister, except where there is more than one Acting Minister, the Acting Minister whose name is underlined with respect to all other offices and responsibilities of the Minister unless another Minister is listed as an Acting Minister opposite an office or responsibility; and

(d) The designation of the senior Minister present in the City of Regina according to the list of Ministers set out below, excluding the President of the Executive Council, to be Acting Minister in the event that the Minister and the Acting Minister are absent for any reason.

Hon. Brad Wall Premier Krawetz
President of the Executive Council
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Hon. Ken Krawetz Deputy Premier Boyd
Minister of Finance
Municipal Financing Corporation of Saskatchewan
Board of Revenue Commissioners
Public Employees Pension Board
Public Service Superannuation Board
Saskatchewan Pension Plan
The Municipal Employees’ Pension Commission
Hon. Bill Boyd Minister of the Economy McMillan
Minister Responsible for The Global Transportation Hub Authority
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Power Corporation
Enterprise Saskatchewan
Innovation Saskatchewan
The Global Transportation Hub Authority
Saskatchewan Power Corporation
Uranium Development Partnership
Saskatchewan Research Council
Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission
Hon. June Draude Minister of Social Services Harpauer
Minister Responsible for the Status of Women
Saskatchewan Housing Corporation
Hon. Don McMorris Minister of Highways and Infrastructure Reiter
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Telecommunications
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Transportation Company
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation
Minister Responsible for SaskBuilds
Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
Saskatchewan Telecommunications
Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corporation
Saskatchewan Transportation Company
Highway Traffic Board
Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan
SaskBuilds Corporation
Hon. Don Morgan, Q.C. Minister of Advanced Education Marchuk
Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Wyant
Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board
Labour Relations Board
Minimum Wage Board
Workers’ Advocate
Workers’ Compensation Board
Hon. Donna Harpauer Minister of Crown Investments Draude
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Government Insurance
Saskatchewan Development Fund Corporation
Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation
Hon. Dustin Duncan Minister of Health Weekes
Health Quality Council
Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
eHealth Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation
Hon. Gordon Wyant, Q.C. Minister of Justice and Attorney General Morgan
Deputy Government House Leader
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority
Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan
Office of Residential Tenancies
Provincial Mediation Board
Public and Private Rights Board
Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission
Automobile Injury Appeal Commission
Hon. Tim McMillan Minister Responsible for Energy and Resources
Minister Responsible for Tourism Saskatchewan
Minister Responsible for Trade
Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy Incorporated
Surface Rights Board of Arbitration
Tourism Saskatchewan
SaskEnergy Incorporated
Hon. Ken Cheveldayoff Minister of Environment Duncan
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Water Security Agency
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Water Corporation
Water Security Agency Authority
Saskatchewan Water Corporation
Water Appeal Board
Hon. James Reiter Minister of Government Relations Cheveldayoff
Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs
Emergency Management Organization
Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency
Saskatchewan Municipal Board
Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan
Hon. Russ Marchuk Minister of Education Harpauer
Teachers’ Superannuation Commission
Hon. Lyle Stewart Minister of Agriculture Boyd
Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
Agri-Food Council
Agricultural Credit Corporation of Saskatchewan
Agricultural Implements Board
Farm Land Security Board
Farm Tenure Arbitration Board
Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
Saskatchewan Lands Appeal Board
Hon. Nancy Heppner Minister of Central Services Draude
Minister Responsible for the Public Service Commission
Minister Responsible for the Lean Initiative
Saskatchewan Archives Board
Hon. Christine Tell Minister Responsible for Corrections and Policing
Saskatchewan Police Commission
Hon. Randy Weekes Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health
Hon. Kevin Doherty Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Heppner
Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission
Interprovincial Lotteries
Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts
Saskatchewan Arts Board
Western Development Museum
Meewasin Valley Authority
Wascana Centre Authority
Wakamow Valley Authority
Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority
Creative Saskatchewan

See: The Government Organization Act, sections 3, 4 and 5

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