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OC 407/2013 - The Hearing Aid Sales and Services Amendment Regulations, 2013 (Minister of Health)

Title: The Hearing Aid Sales and Services Amendment Regulations, 2013

Minister: Minister of Health

Summary: On filing date, these regulations will amend RRS H-2.01 Reg 1 to:

    -Amend the minimum educational standard for hearing instrument practitioners, from the current standard (a short US-based distance-learning course in hearing instrument sciences, which may be completed in three months or less, and passing a multiple-choice National Competency Examination) to a two-year diploma in a Hearing Aid Practitioners course from an accredited institution;
    -Ensure that existing hearing instrument practitioners have a transition period to demonstrate they possess the required competency or complete the new two year education requirement;
    -Change the definition of “qualified hearing instrument practitioner” and “provisional hearing instrument practitioner” to “hearing instrument practitioner” to reflect changes made to the proposed amended definition of individuals who are considered qualified to provide hearing aid services under The Hearing Aid Sales and Services Act and Regulations;
    -Clarify the services that may be provided by a hearing instrument practitioner;
    -Clarify how hearing instrument practitioners may accumulate continuing education hours;
    -Ensure that hearing instrument practitioners are using currently accepted practices for verifying that the hearing aids fitted on the purchaser are giving the appropriate volume and clarity of speech to compensate for the hearing loss;
    -Clarify that a follow-up, in-person appointment, must be provided to the purchaser no later than ten (10) days before the end of the trial period;
    -Address items in the sales contract and statement of cancellation so that the purchaser will have accurate and clear information in order to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of hearing aid(s), (e.g. clarifying that warranties are provided by the manufacturer, not the dealer);
    -Increase the length of the trial period for hearing aid(s) from 30 days to 60 days;
    -Amend the maximum amount a hearing aid dealer can retain from the purchaser if the hearing aid(s) and all accessories are returned for credit; and
    -Clarify terms that pertain to the new proposed amendments (e.g.) Remove the terms, “qualified hearing instrument practitioner” and “provisional hearing instrument practitioner” which were used to indicate that an individual was considered “qualified” after passing the National Competency exam). These terms have been replaced with “hearing practitioner”.
See: The Hearing Aid Sales and Services Act, Section 24

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