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OC 680/2012 - The Municipal Employees’ Pension Amendment Regulations, 2012 (Minister of Finance)

Title: The Municipal Employees’ Pension Amendment Regulations, 2012

Minister: Minister of Finance

Summary: On January 1, 2013, these regulations will amend RRS M-26 Reg 1 to:

- increase the member contribution rates effective January 1, 2013, which combined with the matching employer contribution, will ensure the current service costs of the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan (the Plan or MEPP0 are funded; and

- designate the following three employers as eligible to participate in the Plan effective January 1, 2013:
o Saskatchewan Landing Regional Water Pipeline Utility;
o Southwest Waste Management Authority; and
o Yorkville Public Utility Board.

See: The Municipal Employees’ Pension Act, sections 2 and 57

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