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OC 377/2012 - Appointments to the Board of Directors of Tourism Saskatchewan (Minister Responsible for Tourism Saskatchewan/Minister of the Economy)

Title: Appointments to the Board of Directors of Tourism Saskatchewan

Minister: Minister Responsible for Tourism Saskatchewan
Minister of the Economy

Summary: Orders, effective July 1, 2012:

Person Address Term
Jack Brodsky Saskatoon 3 years
Brian Simpson Prince Albert 3 years
Dana Soonias Saskatoon 3 years
Irene Seiferling Saskatoon 3 years
Lionel Tootoosis Swift Current 3 years
Norm Beug Regina 3 years
Sandra LeBarre Naicam 3 years
Jack Brodsky, Chairperson
Brian Simpson, Vicc-Chairperson
Jack Brodsky, Chairperson Saskatoon July 1, 2015
Brian Simpson, Vice-Chairperson Prince Albert July 1, 2015
Dana Soonias. Saskatoon July 1, 2015
Irene Seiferling Saskatoon July 1, 2015
Lionel Tootoosis Swift Current July 1, 2015
Norm Beug Regina July 1, 2015
Sandra LeBarre Naicam July 1, 2015

See: The Tourism Saskatchewan Act, sections 13 and 14

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