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OC 308/2011 - The Municipal Grants Amendment Regulations, 2011 (Minister of Municipal Affairs)

Title: The Municipal Grants Amendment Regulations, 2011

Minister: Minister of Municipal Affairs

Summary: On filing date, but retroactive on and from April 1, 2011, these regulations will amend RRS M-28.1 Reg 1 to include:

Saskatchewan Infrastructure Growth Initiative

• as per Cabinet direction, the addition of wording to allow the Saskatchewan Infrastructure Growth Initiative (SIGI) program to consider recreation projects for approval to receive interest rate subsidies;
• a housekeeping change to remove section 33(1)(a) from the SIGI section.

Revenue Sharing

• addition of a funding floor to the Rural Revenue Sharing grant section to ensure that no rural municipality receives a lesser grant in 2011-12 and subsequent years than it received in 2010-11. This change was requested from the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) during consultations for the new Rural Revenue Sharing distribution formula. To accommodate this request, it will require the addition of a new section.

Transit Assistance for People with Disabilities Program

• Revisions to the regulations that were suggested by the consultant as part of a review that was undertaken in 2009 for the Transit Assistance for People with Disabilities Program.

See: The Municipal Grants Act, section 8

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