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OC 305/2011 - The Housing and Special-Care Homes Amendment Regulations, 2011 (Minister of Health)

Title: The Housing and Special-Care Homes Amendment Regulations, 2011

Minister: Minister of Health

Summary: On filing date, these regulations will amend Sask Reg 34/66 to include:

    (a) repeal the following provisions which are obsolete or have been made redundant by other pieces of legislation and/or policy:

      (i) Section 1(2),(5),(6),(9.1),(10),(10.2),(11),(13) and (22)
      (ii) Clause 3(d) pertaining to accounting procedures and safekeeping of valuables;
      (iii) Section 5 pertaining to the health of employees; and
      (iv) Section 6 pertaining to admissions and nursing services;
      (v) Clause 9(e) pertaining to guest records;
      (vi) Section 10 pertaining to physical, recreational and diversional activities;
      (vii) Section 11.1 pertaining to food service operations within special care homes.

    (b) That the following provisions to The Housing and Special-care Homes Regulations be amended to reflect current language and practice:

      (i) Section 1(8),(9) and (15); and
      (ii) Section 4 pertaining to nursing care.
See: The Housing and Special-care Homes Act, section 46

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