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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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OC 600/2010 - Crown Land Sale to the City of Saskatoon (2.83 acres) for $11,379.00 (Minister of Agriculture)

Title: Crown Land Sale to the City of Saskatoon (2.83 acres) for $11,379.00

Minister: Minister of Agriculture

Summary: Orders that the Minister of Agriculture is approved to sell to the City of Saskatoon the land described below consisting of approximately 2.83 acres of land for the sum of $11,379.00:

    All that portion of the South East Quarter Section 18, Township 36, Range 5, West of the Third Meridian shown as a portion of Parcel C, Plan 102015986 lying West of the East Bank of the South Saskatchewan River.
See: The Provincial Lands Act, section 27 and The Provincial Lands Regulations, Part II, section 5

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