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Friday, April 19, 2019
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OC 117/2009 - Crown Land Sale to Saskatchewan Power Corporation for $38,792.94 (240 acres) (Minister of Agriculture)

Title: Crown Land Sale to Saskatchewan Power Corporation for $38,792.94 (240 acres)

Minister: Minister of Agriculture

Summary: Orders that the Minister of Agriculture is approved to sell to Saskatchewan Power Corporation the lands described below, consisting of 240 acres of land for the sum of $38,792.94, on the terms and conditions set out in the Purchase and Sale Agreement including the option to transfer the lands back to the Province for the original purchase price when it no longer requires the lands for its coal mining operation and has restored the lands to as close to a pre-mining condition as practicably possible:

    LDS 9 & 10 23-3-26-2 80 acres more or less
    SE 23-3-26-2 160 acres more or less
See: The Provincial Lands Act, section 27 and The Provincial Lands Regulations, section 5

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