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OC 603/2008 – Rural Municipality of North Qu’Appelle #187, Resort Village of B-Say-Tah & the Resort Village of Fort San Funding Agreement–Community Sewage Disposal Services–Amending Order (Increase in Funding to $1,988,500) (Minister of Municipal Affairs)

Title: Rural Municipality of North Qu’Appelle No. 187, Resort Village of B-Say-Tah and the Resort Village of Fort San Funding Agreement – Community Sewage Disposal Services – Amending Order (Increase in Funding to $1,988,500)

Minister: Minister of Municipal Affairs

Summary: Further to Your Honour’s Order 751/2007 (September 18, 2007), authorize the Minister of Municipal Affairs, on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan, to enter into an amending agreement, substantially in the form of the attached Schedule A, with the Rural Municipality of North Qu’Appelle and the Resort Villages of B-Say-Tah and Fort San, increasing the funding to a maximum of $1,988,500 in order to subsidize interim hauling until March 31, 2009.

See: The Government Organization Act (Section 17; The Department of Rural Development Act (Section 7) and The Department of Urban Affairs Act (Section 7)

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