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Issue 5: 2006-07 Student Public Policy Essays

The two winning essays of the 2006-07 SIPP Student Essay Contest are “Pay Equity and Community Based Organizations in Saskatchewan: Paradoxes and Challenges” by Charis Kamphuis in the undergraduate category and “The Fragmentation of Citizenship and Community: Disability Rights, Economic (In)Security, and Social Policy” by Kama Soles in the graduate category. Both contest winners are students at the University of Saskatchewan.

In her paper, Ms. Kamphuis analyzes the concept of pay equity – equal pay for work of equal value – and the lack of pay equity legislation in Saskatchewan, focusing on the inequities experienced by community based organizations.

Ms. Soles examines the development and nature of current disability policy and its effect on the quality of life of those with disabilities. In particular, she explores the affect of disability policy on equal opportunity, individual rights as citizens, and employment.

SIPP developed the Student Public Policy Essay Contest to engage the student population at the University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, and the First Nations University of Canada to better utilize the pool of talent that exists in this province. Essays from both graduate and undergraduate levels are judged by an independent group of scholars and policy practitioners.


Charis Kamphuis (undergraduate category) and Kama Soles (graduate category)

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