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Friday, January 18, 2019
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Assessing Urban Aboriginal Housing Needs in Southern Alberta

Currently, more Aboriginal people live in cities than on reserves in western Canada. This population is also growing rapidly with Aboriginal people representing a significant percentage of the overall population in many prairie cities.

Many studies have emphasized the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the homeless population, but little work has been conducted to determine how those Aboriginal individuals who currently rent or own homes succeeded in doing so. In this paper, Yale Belanger investigates two primary questions: (1) What current housing conditions are confronting Aboriginal people in Lethbridge, and (2) How do landlords view Aboriginal renters.

Specifically, this paper seeks to develop an innovative project articulating how Aboriginal individuals who currently rent or own homes in Lethbridge, AB, succeeded in doing so while identifying the types of barriers they overcame that continue to hinder other Aboriginal people in their attempts to obtain housing. The data compiled from a questionnaire delivered to a sample of the urban Aboriginal population were utilized to demonstrate the standard of living of Aboriginal people in Lethbridge in relation to their professed needs and contemporary housing conditions. Sixty-one landlords were also contacted in an effort to establish the reasons for renting or not renting to Aboriginal people and their related concerns.


Yale D. Belanger

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