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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Toward a New Paradigm for Humanitarian Intervention

Humanitarian tragedies, and the intervention that follows, remain in the forefront of major international issues. Often, the events tend to demonstrate the underlying tensions between humanitarian moral impulses and the legal basis of the international security regime. In this paper, “Toward a New Paradigm for Humanitarian Intervention”, Dr. Lee Ward suggests there is a better way to deal with humanitarian catastrophes.

Dr. Ward is confident that humanitarian intervention will continue to impact international matters, however he points to a division between the international community and the matters of policy and international law. In an attempt to bridge the gap, Dr. Ward proposes an ambitious resolution for humanitarian intervention that builds upon the concept of the “Responsibility to Protect” articulated by the Canadian inspired International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, and recommends the extension of this principle to a multidimensional strategy for codifying humanitarian intervention in international law. Further, Dr. Ward sees a special role for Canada in codifying humanitarian intervention and suggests that “Canada’s diplomatic expertise and international reputation as an innovator in the field of human rights protection mean that it is ideally suited to take a leadership role.”

“Toward a New Paradigm for Humanitarian Intervention” is the 50th Public Policy Paper published by the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy (SIPP).


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