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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Aboriginal People with Disabilities

Following the completion of a two-year study looking at the issues facing Aboriginal persons with disabilities in Canada, and using culturally appropriate research methods, the authors identified the multiple gaps in public policies concerning a marginalized segment of society.

While there were many contributing factors identified, jurisdictional problems created major barriers to access and were the principal cause of the public policy vacuum. The Briefing Note argues that “it is confusing and frustrating and many persons just give up or make no attempt, therefore not accessing services or programs to which they are fully entitled. The first step that should begin immediately is solving the jurisdictional issues. Provincial and federal authorities and Band members need to organize themselves to ensure that services are accessible.” Positive steps forward depend not only on inclusion and integration of Aboriginal persons within the public policy development process, but also a fundamental reformation of the participating organizations.


Doug Durst and Mary Bluechardt

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