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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Final Destination or a Stopover: Attracting Immigrants to Saskatchewan

For more than a century, Saskatchewan has been an attraction to immigrants from all over the world who looked to find a place to live, work, raise their families and retire. Immigration was an important part of the overall goal of establishing the Canadian nation and creating conditions for economic growth and social integration but in recent years the flow of immigrants to Saskatchewan has been on a downward trend. Further impacting Saskatchewan is the fact that the majority of new immigrants to Canada tend to settle in large centres such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Attracting immigrants to Saskatchewan is a viable option in addressing issues of an aging population and out-migration.

This Briefing Note endeavours to explore some key issues relating to immigration in Saskatchewan that affect the province’s future economic and social development. The Briefing Note also provides helpful information on the historical patterns and current trends of immigration to the province, out-migration flows and the overall demographic situation in the province.


Pavel Peykov

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